Comedy / Drama

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Rosario Dawson as Krystal Bryant
Grant Gustin as Campbell Ogburn
Nick Robinson as Taylor Ogburn
William Fichtner as Dr. Lyle Farley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kindercrafty 7 / 10


My husband and I enjoyed this movie. We weren't sure what it would be like and were pleasantly surprised. It made me laugh out loud in a few places and was entertaining.

Reviewed by penniweninger 8 / 10

Very surprised to enjoy this film

I am not a fan of goofy indy movies but William H Macy is one of my favorite actors. I'm glad I took the shot. It wasn't one of those bizarre, pretentious things, but a funny, followable story with endearing characters. I found myself laughing a lot.

Reviewed by nateihara 6 / 10

I mean... It's William H. Macy. There were plenty of good moments...

I see the negative reviews. I understand them. I even identify with them. BUT, this is a film in true WHM style. It's meant to push the boundaries, believability, and also meant to be chock full of comedic irony. I enjoyed this movie though I do think Rosario Dawson's character could have been developed a little better. The "ex-stripper/hooker/junkie" bit was a tad too over the top. Nick Robinson's "Taylor" played the part of Rick Fox's "Bo" a bit more comfortably than a supposed 18 year old sheltered suburban boy should. If you're familiar with Macy's work then you should like and possibly enjoy this film. There are some great "lol" moments that make it worth the 90 minutes.

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