Wild Orchid


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 10472


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Mickey Rourke as James Wheeler
Jacqueline Bisset as Claudia Dennis
Bruce Greenwood as Jerome McFarland
Carré Otis as Emily Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieAddict2016 2 / 10

Clever comment on Reaganism set in a galaxy of post-transformational liberalism.

Just kidding, I don't know what I'm talking about. You should see this movie if you like:

1) Sex

2) Nudity

3) Hot babes

4) Mickey Rourke

5) Carre Otis

6) Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis going at it for real

7) Perfume commercials

8) Directors trying to make their softcore porn look like art by filming everything sensually and in slow motion, so the film appears to be art-house and "visually stimulating"

9) Really, really, really bad dialogue

10) Lots of good banging and screwing without a plot

11) Mickey Rourke playing a total pimp (which is different than just Mickey Rourke - I mean, there's Mickey Rourke, and then there's Mickey Rourke the Pimp, which is even cooler).

And finally...

12) Hot female characters who wear glasses and carry around clipboards so the audience believes they are smart and successful businesswomen, when in fact they'd have a hard time calculating 1 + 1. (Also see: Alone in the Dark, Tara Reid's character; or Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba's.) Highly recommended to the appropriate demographic.

I could kill myself for buying it.

Reviewed by batispexa 8 / 10

beautiful erotic film

The biggest thing about this movie is how beautiful it is. Yes, symbols are somehow too transparent, plot and music a bit cheesy,a bit too superficial, but it is so beautiful that you kinda forget those things. actors are beautiful , setting is beautiful, sex scenes are beautiful. Very sensual, but making-love-in-the-light-of-a-setting-sun-on-the-beach kinda way. however the funny thing is that you will enjoy the film nevertheless and not only because of sex, but somehow this film is appealing. thought you understand the flaws of this film, you still get aesthetic pleasure on some basic, unspoiled by good taste and good movies level. I like this film because it proves that good film can be made in any genre. You should remember that this is an erotic film. otherwise, if you expect an independent film about love, you should watch something else.

Reviewed by nagual17 9 / 10


It was the first film in which i saw Mickey Rourke...and I loved it in an instant!I love the way he acts and the way he looks....This film keeps me awaiting for whats happening the next minute. Its sexy and intense story felt like a spell. One thing is that i wished it was me with him in those scenes!I showed it to some friends of mine and they agreed with me that a good ambiance for this film is a rainy night at home with candles on and some red wine and maybe a guy to keep you company...because you will need some help if the film really gets to you...and Rourke looks so sexy on that motorcycle.Just put on a silk dress and watch this film....keeps you glued to the screen thats for sure what it did to me.

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