Viking Destiny


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

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Paul Freeman as Tarburn
Ian Beattie as Kirkwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexmwhitaker 10 / 10

This movie was good!

It's a fun Celtic heir to the throne flick. Acting was not bad. Plot was predictable but decent. Cinematography and FX were good for the budget. Could definitely see my daughter enjoying this as an expansion on a Merida character type from Disney. All in all, I was impressed by the work. I am giving it 10/10 to outweigh the nay sayers. Looking forward to another from this director and these actors.

Reviewed by heydiddlediddle007 5 / 10

Not bad

For all the nay sayers, why watch a film to the end if it's so terrible? It's not a bad flick, I love the female lead and hope the actress finds huge success in that industry

Reviewed by misbegotten 7 / 10

Viking Warrior Princess

The British film industry has quietly been responsible for several low budget, direct-to-DVD viking movies during the last few years, including VIKINGS: THE DARKEST DAY (2013), VIKINGS: THE BESERKERS (2014) VIKING LEGACY (2016), VIKING SIEGE (2017) and THE LOST VIKING (2018). This entry in the genre was filmed as VIKING DESTINY (and is being released in the US under that title) but underwent a last minute name change in the UK and was released as OF GODS AND WARRIORS (personally, I prefer the original title). It boasts crisp photography, effective and well directed action scenes, and good performances from the entire cast, apart from a clearly bored Terence Stamp as Odin, who recites his lines in a weary monotone and does just enough to earn his pay-cheque. The narrative mostly moves along briskly, though there are some pacing problems during the second half of the film, when the on-the-run heroine encounters a co-operative of happy-clappy, vegetarian flower-people and understandably everything goes rather flat. But that minor quibble aside, this is an enjoyable watch. The final scene hints at a sequel, and I hope we get one.

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