Mikey and Nicky


Crime / Drama

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Peter Falk as Mikey
Ned Beatty as Kinney
M. Emmet Walsh as Bus Driver
William Hickey as Sid Fine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shepardjessica 10 / 10

Brilliant 70's Mobsters!

This totally underrated classic (in my Top 10 of all time) directed by Elaine May a few years before it's release is unbelievably gritty and a sad comment on the "American Dream" even for small-time mobsters. John Cassavetes was never better as Nick, a paranoid, intelligent, and street-wise guy. Peter Falk is equally impressive as his friend Mike who has problems of his own. This was probably the best Cassavetes-like film that he DIDN'T direct, but very similar to his style.

A 10 out of 10. Best performance = John Cassavetes. a one-night (dusk to dawn) film that will grab you and never let go. Ned Beatty has an amusing supporting role, along with Sanford Meisner & William Hickey (well-known acting teachers). This movie never had a chance at the box office, but is now highly regarded in all circles. Don't miss it!

Reviewed by jbels 10 / 10

Can't be beat

The combination of Cassavettes, Falk and May cannot be beat. Scenes go on for ten to fifteen minutes long, but the dialogue is so smart and the acting so excellent that the film breezes by. Some of the best writing ever, and Falk is one of our greatest American actors. Hilarious scenes on the bus and in a graveyard are unforgettable. And Falk's nickname, "The Echo" is priceless. Must see.

Reviewed by Felonious-Punk 8 / 10

This movie makes me want to fight for its respect!

People give respect to give respect to Scorsese's "Casino", to "Taxi Driver", to "Mean Streets", they give respect to "The Godfather" and a whole slew of gritty organized crime movies. But I've never heard a single mention of this movie. Thankfully, people have been coming slowly around to Cassavetes-directed movies, but seldom, if ever, have I heard anyone compliment this movie for which Cassavetes is only credited for his acting. The silence regarding this movie is ridiculous, because of how great this movie is. It's so pure, it's so rough, it makes "Mean Streets" look big budget. The director, the comic-timing pro Elaine May, is a genius to let the actors do their thing, because they are legendary actors and to get too involved would ruin the chemistry. I think it's wise to go into this movie without knowing too much except maybe the names of the two leads and the director, and that the whole production is amazing without being perfect.

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