15 Minutes of War


Action / Drama / War

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Olga Kurylenko as Jane Andersen
Vincent Perez as Général Favrart
Ben Cura as Phillip Shafer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cretzulegionaru 4 / 10


The real events were much more captivating and interesting than those depicted in the movie , very bad script a lot of cliches which do not match with the time that took place the event (plus too many headshots like in a videogame) , however I give 4/10 for the historical truth of the creation of the GIGN and their good deployment on the field at that time, but otherwise the creators of this movie missed a good chance to make a very great movie

Reviewed by sallywoof 1 / 10

What a joke!

The film is more based on previous commando films (and better ones) than on real events! It felt like watching a bad film from the 80's with Chuck Norris.

Reviewed by jackjolisjack 10 / 10

This is a terrific film.

What a good surprise this movie was -- I didn't think they made 'em like this anymore. It's a kind of French "Raid On Entebbe", but even better for having been based on a hitherto unknown real event.

Except for Perez and Balasko, the cast are unknowns (at least to me), but the acting -- especially Alban Lenoir (Gérval), Olga Kurylenko (the teacher) and David Murgia (Lorca) -- is excellent.

See this movie -- it's poignant, thrilling and inspiring. Bravo to all involved.

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