The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex


Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 5333

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Selena Gomez as Alex Russo
Gregg Sulkin as Mason Greyback
Jake T. Austin as Max Russo
Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chiyoko247 1 / 10

And the point was?

That was THE worst thing I have ever seen! Some fans are saying "If you're a fan already, you'll love this." I loved the show a lot. This disappointed me though.

1st of all I found that the ending episode of the last season made no sense at all. I will get to Alex vs Alex (Magic marker "Be Positive" Alex vs Stevie's Best Friend Alex). But this was error #1.

Alex is the main character I get that. So when she won the competition I thought that was perfect. But if they didn't make Justin headmaster of Wiz-Tech and give his powers back to him I would have had a "conniption". I say this because the way the made him lose and that fact that they were close in the competition was ridiculous according to the past seasons.

Justin spends all his time studying magic and the only other thing he concentrated a lot on was school and when they wanted to get back into the competition he studied magic even more. He was even a teacher!

Alex learns from her mistakes. If they're trying to say she won because she has street smarts, that would be fine, without Justin in this show. Whenever she missed things up she rarely got herself out. Majority of the time, Justin had to. Justin cleaned up a lot of her messes. Even in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie she won the competition and still called out for Justin's help in the end. It makes sense she never put the effort into becoming a better wizard.

So remembering all of this I thought "Shouldn't Justin be floating around this competition all powerful and confident." Instead we see Justin following behind Alex and forgetting spells. He even got a question wrong at the quiz part of the competition. He is practically the human form of the spell book. It was weird that it was a breeze for Alex and he's like "Umm What's the spell? What's the spell?". At least make it a breeze for them both.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like Alex's character. I get the I'm too cool for school attitude, and her evil laugh and jokes she makes are really awesome and funny. She's lazy and relaxed and cool. I relate. But how they handled that episode made me mad.

It says

1. All the viewers are stupid drooling zombies who like Selena Gomez (which isn't true) so if we just give her character everything they won't notice if it doesn't make sense.

2. If you put your all into studying the subject you like and work really hard at something you're a nerd and the lazy person with no ambition will get 1st dibs on success.

But, I was happy that Justin is headmaster at the very end. I thought of Alex winning like a cool adventure. A young adult being a secret wizard and having convenient powers at the tip of her fingers. Sounds like a great movie actually.

I also imagined Alex would at least learn how to be discreet with her powers and remember there are rules. The wizard council took away or threatened to take away their powers so many times. Obviously being a wizard is serious business.

In "Alex vs Alex" right away Alex is being immature with her magic. She's a young family wizard and should have fun but she doesn't have her own place and it would be better there. Then she makes a door portal to Italy which seems like fun and I would want to do that too. But I would also be constantly worried about the authority over wizards and making sure I didn't expose magic. The door she makes just led to Italy, not somewhere secluded. What if someone saw them pop up out of thin air. Then we're supposed to be mad at Jerry for saying "Justin would make sure he knew how to undo the spell before doing it". She should have learnt this. Of course Jerry keeps getting mad. He tried to teach her so much and so often.

They tried to push us to feel sorry for Alex and attempted to make us hate Justin for being the golden child. Poor her, she can't be herself. I don't know why them asking her to think before flicking around her wand, is the same thing as trying to change her. It's not her personality. It's the fact that she doesn't think wisely about the consequences before conjuring up random spells. Jerry didn't say "Alex I hate the way you are and don't insult Harper's clothes." No he said "grow up and be responsible". She doesn't have to change her personality in order to do that. She can be a grown up version who's cool but smart.

The theme was that Alex is so amazing and everyone's picking on her. But, she's the clear superhero of the show. She got wizard of the year. They didn't need to prove her excellence.

In this story she accidentally made an evil her that wants to get rid of mortals with some evil jerk (that they just had to say was Justin's friend). Then this weird crystal court room sentences her to DEATH. But surprisingly in the end the MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP melts their hearts.

In end they let us know that she will be irresponsible and mostly likely will destroy the earth with her power, but its okay because that's Alex being Alex. So what was the point of bringing in a character like TJ, showing magic shouldn't used like that? What was the point of stopping Stevie's plan to let everyone keep their powers if wizards like Alex get to keep theirs?

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex made the show of four seasons seem absolutely pointless in 1 hour.

Reviewed by christiangarciacolon 8 / 10

A Good Reunion

I just saw the Wizards reunion and it was good it was funny if you- liked the show you'll like it. But i was i little disappointed it- didn't have Justin in it because David Henrie was busy doing something- else.I think that they did the reunion too fast the show ended the last- year.They should'voe waited a couple of years more and waited until they- could have all the cast return and maybe do a movie with a bigger- budget and release it in the theaters like Hannah Montana:The Movie but- anyway i thought it was fun is entertaining for the whole family.I love Selena Gomez i love the if you are a fan of- Selena Gomez and more important a fan of the series you should see it.

Reviewed by doranna92 10 / 10


This was the best episode of our charming Russo family. Alex proves again that she is grown up enough to be the family wizard, meanwhile all of her relatives are to doubt that, even her charming werewolf boyfriend. Only Harper stands up for her showing the power of their strong friendship. Although in the series the special effects are not usually perfect, in this case the fighting scene between the two Alexes is well-organized and full of action, really enjoyable. The silliness of Max is twice as much as usually, a kind of compensation I guess for the lack of Justin's know it all attitude. Friends,family and feelings, and a little taste of Italy from the always perfectly dressed queen of sarcasm Alex Russo and her family.

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