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Linnea Quigley as Dorothy
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Ilia Volok as Faceless
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by acidburn-10 7 / 10

Freaky, strange and obscure little gem

I remember viewing this little gem many years ago during the late 90's early 00's wave of slasher movies. And during that time a lot of junk came and went and very few stuck in my head, but this was the one that stayed in my mind and I was so glad that I got to view this again.

I'd to say that "Kolobus" is very stylish and effective movie that tells the story of 5 people people enter a reality based TV series house where they hope to gain fame and fortune, including one of the characters is already an actress, a fallen actress with a hope to regain her time in the spotlight. But as soon as they arrive they are locked in with a sadistic killer who has set up an array of gruesome traps.

The movie has a eerie nightmarish quality to it and the sudden darkness with just flashing red lights adds a great creepy Gothic tone to the proceedings, and especially when the characters sets off the one of the traps which are very nasty and effective and adds a brilliant amount of tension and fear, especially when the first victim gets sliced apart in the first trap as it totally comes out of the blue and the gore is really unsettling and brilliant. The others include eye impalement, disembowelment and an acid shower each done brilliantly.

Amy Weber is a definite standout in the cast as the final girl and gives a good chase at the end and shows layers to her character throughout the movie. Illa Volok as Faceless the killer was very menacing in his little screen time which made his character all the more scary too much of him would have lessened his creepiness.

All in all "Kolobus" is very tense and unsettling, although it doesn't keep it up all the way through and the last 40 minutes does try to pack too much in, but the twist ending is very well done though that was a real head scratcher.

Reviewed by EVOL666 8 / 10

Very Entertaining If Somewhat Disjointed Horror Film...

I first caught KOLOBOS several years ago on Cinemax and remember enjoying the film quite a bit. Hadn't seen it in years though, and decided to give it another go after someone mentioned it on one of the message boards. Glad I did. Though KOLOBOS is not a perfect film by any means, it has most of the elements I need to keep my interest.

A group of 20-somethings respond to an ad in a newspaper looking for participants in a reality-style TV show where they will live with each other in a house for some period of time. Once inside, the group gets to know each other, and consists of a female semi-headcase that resides in a halfway house, an un-funny male comedian, an aspiring actress, a male college student, and a free-spirited female fast-food worker. Things go wrong when the house is "locked-down", and someone, or something, begins picking off the occupants in gory fashion...

Many will rightly compare this film and MY LITTLE EYE to each other, as they do share similar premises. Though MY LITTLE EYE tends to be more of a straight-forward film, and KOLOBOS ends up as more of a psychological thriller/horror film that is much more vague in it's resolution. Personally, I'm not sure I really understood where the director was trying to go with the ending, but the film as a whole was enjoyable enough not to worry too much about it. There are several gory and well-depicted kill-scenes - much stronger than your typical "mainstream" horror films. This was definitely a plus too. Those that compare some of the deaths to ones found in Argento and Fulci films would be dead-on as well. It is obvious that the film-makers are horror fans and pay some reverence to the Italian "masters". Overall, a solid if somewhat confusing film that delivers on most levels - though the lack of nudity from any of the female leads is noticeable and hard to ignore or forgive. KOLOBOS would have gotten another 1/2 point from me had their been some tits-n-ass thrown in...8/10

Reviewed by Ken-208 4 / 10

Not very good.

Story is a little far-fetched. Acting a little weak. The ending didn't seem to fit or be that appropriate. The ending is unexpected but also is a disappointing ending because it doesn't seem that appropriate.

Some scary parts but overall just a B movie with not not much going for it.

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