The Recruit


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 124280


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Al Pacino as Walter Burke
Colin Farrell as James Douglas Clayton
Bridget Moynahan as Layla Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 5 / 10

Spooks run wild

****SPOILERS****Hard to swallow and even harder to digest spy drama that involves computer whiz kid James Douglas Clayton ,Colin Farrell, who attempts to join the shadowy C.I.A in order to find the truth about the fate of his dad who disappeared in the wilds of Puru some 13 years earlier while on a secret assignment for the agency. It's not known if Papa Clayton was killed kidnapped or even abducted by space aliens since the agency C.I.A he worked for has a policy of not releasing information of its personnel even to their immediate relatives like Popa's son James Clayton.

It's top C.I.A spy Walter Burke, Al Pacino, who seeks out James for the job whom he feels, like father like son, he'll make a 1st class spoke-spy-for the agency. Going through the rigorous mental & psychical training for becoming a spook at the agency's Langton Farm James meets and falls in love with fellow spook Layla Moore, Bridget Moynahan, that seems to upset his controller Burke. It's Burke who suspects that she's in fact a spy for the other side-Russia China Iran or maybe North Korea- who's using her position to get important and critical computer information to the nation that she's spying for.

***SPOILERS**** Like in most modern spy movie no one knows what's going on and on who's side their on their or working for until the films final moments. James who gets booted from the agency for cracking under pressure finds out later that he in fact passed with flying colors. Given a menial job as cover by his controller Burke at the agency emptying out ash trays and garbage cans James is told to keep an eye on Layla who's suspected of being a mole for the outer side. It's later that James finds out the truth and that leads to him also finding out just who the mole is that really is no surprise to anyone in just how crazy, just get a load of his reasons for selling out his country are , and obvious he is. As for James' Pop he in the end finds out what really happened to him as well as the person he was involved with who may have set him up for the kill.

Reviewed by coloradobloom7 2 / 10

Just so so

Pretty bad film. Predictable plot line, obvious from the beginning. Sorry I wasted my time even though Colin Farrell was nice to look at. I'm surprised Al Pacino agreed to do this movie. He is much better than he showed in the movie. Maybe it was terrible directing or maybe a poor script. It's hard to say; but now I know why I had never heard of it. Thank god I didn't have to pay to see it. Lol

Reviewed by Evan Wessman (CinematicInceptions) 7 / 10

Bright spots and weaknesses make it not bad overall.

This was definitely a more interesting and enjoyable movie for me because I went into it knowing absolutely nothing about it. Perhaps if I had known what to expect out of it, the reveals and mysteries that evolved throughout the story would have had less of an impact on me. What I really liked about it was that it didn't try to do too much in being a big action movie. There is an action sequence at the end, but for the most part it's a spy drama that just feels more like an action movie and advertised itself as an action movie.

There were some things that I thought were done very effectively and others that weren't so much. The way that I was able to stay on exactly the same page as James throughout was remarkable. Even at Walter Burke's warning that "everything is a test" and "nothing is what it seems", when James put his guard down or believed Burke, so did I. James was also a good overall character with a lot more personality than a lot of protagonists in similar roles. One would expect him to be more like a Tom Cruise hero, but instead he is more cynical and therefore easier to root for. The story also used its unpredictability to its advantage and kept me guessing throughout. The spy training sequences were good-- not too sensationalized, but entertaining to watch while staying within the boundaries of reality.

On the downside, the twists got a little old by the end and made the climax dramatically un-satisfying. The incorporation of James' father as part of his motivation for joining the CIA was also rather sloppy and didn't really contribute much to the overall story. Bridget Moynahan gave a flat performance for the most part, although it was a step up from her role in I, Robot. Al Pacino at least played a more colorful role, but I disliked his performance. The use of the lie detector as a device was a shaky choice. In some ways it made for interesting drama, but then again, there's something lacking when the characters know for sure if the other is lying.

Overall, I saw some things here that I think lots of modern movies would do well to emulate. The plot of this movie, while not fabulous, was good enough that I was interested in it the entire way through and this was accomplished without any large scale action. The story was also riddled with turns, but easy to follow as well. Collin Farrell gave a solid performance that showed some good versatility. So if you're interested in seeing this, go in with low expectations and you might find it enjoyable. On a final note, this is a good movie to watch if you're an aspiring screenwriter looking to write spec scripts. Overall Rating: 8/10.

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