The Nth Ward


Drama / Thriller

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Matt McCoy as News Reporter
Peter Jason as Jeffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewrye-06535 3 / 10

An honest review

So sick of fake reviews and I watched this based on the other reviews I saw here. I should have been warned when most have only reviewed this movie and raved about it. One of the reviewers even got the story line wrong.

It is a B grade movie at best. Acting is stilted but ok for an independent. Writing is shocking and direction feels claustrophobic. In one scene the lead actress runs out of her room almost undressed in a frightened state. She runs straight into the weird manager and the rest of the scene they stand about an inch away from one another. Unbelievable and mostly the actors looked like they didn't know what they were doing.

The story line is unoriginal - alcoholic losing daughter, been on the wagon for 6 months and ends up in a bar looking at a drink after being fired. Seen it before. Old woman with voodoo connections - seen it before. Corrupt mayor trying to evict said old woman - seen it before.

The story felt like it was trying too hard and got lost. It did nothing for post-katrina New Orleans and added nothing to the voodoo story line.

Avoid and ignore the obvious shill posters - a generous 3 from me.

Reviewed by jayg_58 2 / 10

Run Away

No actors; no editing; no coherent story. Almost everyone looks as if they're reading right off the script. No real connection between the characters. Corruption in New Orleans? Tell me it ain't so. I lived there for some years, and that's all there is. Throw in some oblique references to voodoo, and no save. Unless you want to see some local color and fast forward the rest, don't bother. In fact if you see the first 15 minutes, that should be enough warning.

Reviewed by vegicat 1 / 10

Really bad acting.

Stilted script, poor acting. Not believable that the lead actress had military background at all.

The good ratings must be fake. So annoying.

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