Critters 2


Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 12598


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Lin Shaye as Sal
Barry Corbin as Harv
Scott Grimes as Brad
Eddie Deezen as Hungry Heifer Manager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TalesfromTheCryptfan 8 / 10

Terrific sequel!

Two years after the first Krite attack on the Browns's farm, everything was peaceful in Grover's Bend but there are some remaining Krite Eggs still left and Brad Brown ( Scott Grimes) has traveled from Kansas City to visit his grandmother for Easter vacation. Soon the Eggs hatch as it makes trouble as the Krites has returned and the bounty hunters from space Ug ( Terrence Mann), Lee ( Roxanne Kernohan) and former town drunk turned bounty hunter Charlie ( Don Opper) head back to Earth, will they rescue the humans with the help of Brad or will everyone end up on the space monsters's menu?

Very entertaining and action packed sequel that is almost better than the original and THE only sequel in the series worth watching. What works here for this sequel is there's more action, bigger special effects, off-the-wall humor, a more intense and dramatic score, Mick Garris's directorial debut and of course there's a memorable moment where Lee the faceless bounty hunter from space looks at a Playboy magazine and transforms into a beautiful nude blonde centerfold babe played by B-movie beauty Roxanne Kernohan. Look for Eddie Deezen ( best known for Mandark on "Dexter's Lab" and Eugene from "Grease") as a restaurant manager and there's an amusing Freddy Krueger in-joke since the movie is from Freddy's home known as New Line Cinema.

Reviewed by lordzedd-3 9 / 10

When Critters bite, bite back!

The Critters have always been cool little monsters, they aren't just little omnivorous monsters that eat anything that won't run away and then chase after it. They are smart, clever monsters with their own language and strategies. The interaction between the characters work, the acting is great. The gore effects are effective. The story is a cool continuation from the first movie. The new batch of Critters are cool and the rampage continues to be fun. But there is one character that gets killed this go round, but I'm not saying which character. It was hard watching that character get it. But other then that, I say that Critters 2 could be anyone's main course of a video feast. 9 STARS.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Enjoyable sequel

The Crite eggs hatch on Earth and terrorize the hick residents of the sleepy hillbilly hamlet of Grover's Bend on Easter Sunday. It's up to affable teenager Brad (an engaging performance by Scott Grimes), reformed town drunk turned bounty hunter Charlie (an equally likable portrayal by Don Opper), tough bounty hunter Ug (the supremely cool Terrance Mann), and crusty ex-sheriff Harv (a hilariously gruff and profane Barry Corbin) to stop the ferocious little furballs before it's too late. Director/co-writer Mick Garris gets the pace cracking in the lively and exciting second half (the opening half alas drags quite a bit), stages the Crite attack set pieces with real flair, tosses in numerous witty dialogue references to other popular movies ("Who we gonna call? Critterbusters?"), and injects a wickedly funny sense of twisted black humor to further spice up the proceedings (the definite sidesplitting sick comic highlight occurs when the sheriff gets munched by the vicious hairballs while dressed up as the Easter Bunny!). Moreover, this bigger budgeted sequel boasts better and more elaborate special effects, with the famous giant man-eating Critterball rating as one truly impressive sight to behold. The solid acting by an able cast helps a lot: the lovely Liane Curtis is quite fetching and appealing as perky newspaper reporter Megan Morgan, Tom Hodge contributes an amusingly obnoxious turn as snotty punk troublemaker Wesley, plus there are nice contributions by Herta Ware as Brad's feisty grandmother, Lin Shaye as the ditsy Sally, and Eddie Deezen as a nerdy fast food restaurant manager. Insanely foxy and sexy blonde B-movie queen Roxanne Kernohan positively burns up the screen as alien bounty hunter Lee in ravishing human guise as a delectable (semi-nude) "Playboy" magazine centerfold. Mick's wife Cynthia Garris has a brief bit as prison warden Zanti and sings the uproariously goofy "Hungry Heifer" jingle. Both Russell Carpenter's slick cinematography and Nicholas Pike's spirited score are up to par. A fun and worthwhile sci-fi-/horror creature feature.

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