Unlawful Entry


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Kurt Russell as Michael Carr
Ray Liotta as Officer Pete Davis
Madeleine Stowe as Karen Carr
Djimon Hounsou as Prisoner on Bench
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 8 / 10

Intriguing and suspenseful, with a knockout performance by Ray Liotta

"Unlawful Entry" kept me on the edge of my seat, or should I say the edge of my bed. Ray Liotta proved with this performance that few actors can play the apparently shy guy with evil tendencies better than him. The movie also presents some good "What if" questions. In the pivotal scene, Liotta grabs the burglar who ran into Kurt Russell's house and put a knife to his wife's throat. In an earlier scene, he explains how he'd beat the living crap out of that burglar if he had the chance. Well, one night Liotta gives Russell the permission (him being a cop) to "beat the living crap out of him" and Russell totally panics and refuses. Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself, "If Madeline Stowe were my wife and that moron put a knife to her throat, I would've taken that nightstick and beat him to death." But then again, I'm saying that while sitting comfortably on my bed, watching the movie. I'm not in his shoes. I'm sure many people would panic in that situation.

Though the movie kept my eyes glued to the screen, I could've done without certain plot conventions towards the end. I don't have to spoil it for you. You've seen thrillers in the past, you know what I'm talking about. And the writer could've trimmed the use of lines like "Get the f**k out of here," "Stay the f**k out of my house" and "Stay the f**k away from my wife" or "If you touch her, I'll kill you." I think those lines have popped up in every movie thriller I've seen. But the best reason to see this movie is Liotta's flawless performance. On those grounds alone, this movie is well worth seeing.

My score: 8 (out of 10)

Reviewed by morgan-161 9 / 10

An Excellent Performance by Ray Liotta

When I first watched this film, I could not help but marvel at how brilliant Ray Liotta was at his role. Even though Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe both gave very good performances, it is Ray Liotta that stands out the most. I found that the transition that Liotta made between playing a nice guy to an obsessed and jealous psycho was absolutely outstanding.I believe he deserved an award for his exceptional performance. Not many actors could pull off a performance like Liotta did. Overall I felt that this film was a well thought out thriller, and was well cast. It definitely deserves the credit it gets. I would thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

Reviewed by RUKIA22 10 / 10

One of the best suspense films i've ever seen!

Kurt Russell and Madeline Stowe are Michael and Karen Carr a married couple terrorised by a psycho cop in this chillingly suspenseful thriller.One night their house is broken in to and the thief gets hold of Karen with a knife pulled on to her throat.Michael tries to stop him but the thief gets away.The couple call the police and there they meet Ray liotta who plays officer Pete Davis a respected cop who they befriend and welcome in to their house.Davis comes to their aid and shows his genuine concern and friendly nature.From Davis's advice the couple get an alarm system on their house but as events follow Davis's behaivior takes a turn for the worse.When one night Liotta takes Russell to the house of the thief who broke in to the couples house and Davis starts beating the guy up.Michael sees the whole thing and is so shocked with what he witnissed.Michael angrily tells Davis that his job is done of being a cop and protecting Michael and his wife. Davis begins to make Michael's life a misery so he can get close to his wife.Kurt Russell is believable as the husband who is faced with a difficult situation which he has to solve.Ray Liotta gives a brilliant performance as the bad corrupt cop doing whatever it takes to get closer to what he wants and making the character so chilling and very real.Unlawful Entry is a brilliant nailbiting suspense thriller Kurt Russell and Madeline Stowe are excellent as the couple this is One of the best films i've ever seen Excellent viewing.

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