The Changeover



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 810


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Lucy Lawless as Miryam Carlisle
Melanie Lynskey as Kate Chant
Timothy Spall as Carmody Braque
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

The Changeover: Kiwi teen sci-fi type stuff

Young adult book adaptations into sickly movies have been a thing for a while now, from Twilight to the Host to Divergent to Hunger Games and beyond. Here we see New Zealand have a go at it, and it's the same as the US tends to deliver.

Telling the story of a girl who must face an evil force in order to save her little brother this is a witchy themed thing, and the above description of sickly most definitely applies.

Starring Timothy Spall and Lucy Lawless I'm being a tad generous here, it's a really quite bad film.

You see it's your usual teen angst vs less than normal love interest vs nonsensical convoluted plot hole ridden concept. To make matters worse the two leads are awful! Nicholas Galitzine is your stoic dull mysterious brooding "Hunk" and Erana James is the Kiwi Kristen Stewart and has the acting ability of a brick. The two of them pick one facial expression at the start and continue it for the full duration of the movie.

If you like your schmaltzy teen angst nonsense then you might enjoy this, otherwise steer clear.

The Good:

Spall is oddly on form

Decent soundtrack

The Bad:

So much teen angst!

The two leads have the emotional range of a fart

Reviewed by tudzie 2 / 10

Useful review for those that have read the book.

I so want to give this movie a 10/10 but it was awful. Spall was believable and understood the character Carmody, Sorensen's character not so much, there was so much behind Sorensen that we didn't get to see. Winter & Miryam worked well though, again more padding could have been put around these two. As someone who has read the book and actually cherishes the original copy, it could have been so much more. The basic plot line is there, with a few twists that are not in the book, yet that is to be expected when transforming book to film. It just didn't knit together, there were so much empty space that begged to be filled. Perhaps finances were an issue. As a book, it's one I hope to continue to re-read and lose myself in in my dotage. The film, not so much. Although I've just purchased the film (to go with the book), I would still like to say Thank you for 'having a bash' at it. (fingers crossed someone will come along and have another go) Could do better all round.

Reviewed by ariestarzga 3 / 10

Had Potential BUT...

I really went in to watching this film with high hopes. Teenager discovers she has hidden powers and tries to rescue her younger brother. Story starts off well and had my interest for about 30 minutes in and THEN it fell flat. The actors are actually perfect but the movie tried to form chemistry between the main actor and actress in a way that did not fit with the movie. There was a lack of build up for the audience, I kept waiting to be amazed while the main actress discovers herself but truth is she remained boring until the very end. This movie could have been great, may be lack of funding but something was wrong so therefore i could only give it a 3/10.

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