Fair Game


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 8 / 10

When the hunted gets game.

This mid-eighties thriller is a skimpy, but surely entertaining and crazy Australian b-grade exploitation attempt at the revenge sub-genre. A young woman takes on some restless kangaroo poachers who go onto make her life hell, when she confronts them about killing animals on her wildlife sanctuary. It's a lot better than you're led to believe. A cat (well there's three of them) and mouse game evolves, as they simply go tit for tat (no one is desperate to back down) in humiliating, terrorising and finally gaining sweet vengeance. The savage violence isn't particularly extreme, as it has a comic book tone to it, but it's mean-spirited and gustily dished-up. From the get-go you can tell it's going to be thrilling, exciting and blistering as it gets straight in to it and never adjusts otherwise. The suspense holds up and the adrenaline kick gets the heart-pounding in many knuckle-busting sequences (the memorable trophy truck ride). Andrew Lesnie sharply photographs the colourfully rugged Australian landscape and wildlife, but it's the moody nightlife cinematography that adds the atmospheric dynamics. Cassandra Delaney (who looks lovely and spends the quite bit time in the flesh) brings a genuine grittiness and sympathetic side to a strong, capable character. The boneheaded, cruel poachers are eccentrically portrayed by Peter Ford, David Sandford and Gary Who. From this inclusion, the gigantic killer pig feature 'Razorback (1984)' comes to mind. Dominating a lot the scenes would be that of Ashley Irwin's uncanny live-wire and throbbing music score. Sometimes uncalled for, but always palatable. Director Mario Andreacchio makes good of the psychical set-pieces and locations. While writer Rob George's material is fundamental, he still strikes up a dependable script that never resorts to camping it up. An agreeable revenge item.

Reviewed by bombersflyup 4 / 10

Watchable bad film.

Fair Game is a bad film on all accounts, except the presence of Cassandra Delaney.

Basically a beautiful woman walks around in the outback barely wearing anything, while some idiots hunt and mess with her. That's it really and you get that from the start. The characters and their reasoning is atrocious and the dialogue is bloody awful. The two goons in particular are stupidly written and acted, though not in an annoying way. The point where she stands over them while they sleep and decides to cutely tie up their stuff, instead of burning them alive, taking or destroying the vehicle or taking the weapons which she has demonstrated she can use with proficiency earlier in the film, is cringe worthy. She already perceives them to be a serious threat and is only forcing their hand. I am disappointed, as this had possibility. Glad I didn't have to watch animals being tortured though.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

I Spit on your Last Kangaroo on the Left!

I had two movies called "Fair Game" standing on my must-see list, so I watched them after each other in order not to lose track of one of them. The first one was an obscure Italian lethal-snake-on-the-loose thriller also known as "Mamba" and this one is Australia's belated (unless I missed something) response to the 'Revengeploitation" sub genre. Revenge thrillers were especially popular throughout the entire decade of the 70's, with highlights like "Last House on the Left", "I Spit on your Grave, "Fight for your Life", "House by the Lake" and "House on the Edge of the Park". These movies routinely handle about innocent women (preferably defenseless and fragile) getting harassed and viciously raped by a group of men (preferably perverted hicks and/or fugitive criminals) and then avenging themselves by taking justice into their own hands. The gritty atmosphere and gratuitous use of violence and sleaze in "Fair Game" is pretty much prototypic revenge thriller stuff, but it nevertheless also remains an authentic Aussie movie, meaning the assaulters are bored kangaroo poachers looking for new thrills and the 'victim' (Cassandra Delaney; the former Mrs. John Denver) is actually a very potent lady who fights back from the beginning and never really allows her opponents to get the upper hand. Jessica runs a wildlife reservation in the middle of the outback, so naturally there's a vicious conflict when she bumps into a trio of insensitive and macho poachers doing some illegal kangaroo hunting on her territories. This film feels refreshing and innovative because the script doesn't unfold like the majority of 70's revenge thrillers. The interactions between Jessica and the poachers start off like a testosterone-laden showdown, but then gradually escalate into a merciless battle with humiliation, rape and murder. There are several highly memorable and deliciously exploitative scenes in "Fair Game", most notably the one with Delaney – in her white undies - tied to the hood of a jeep whilst it races through the desert. Her acts of vengeance during the climax are quite impressive as well and I guarantee there's some impressive bloodshed to enjoy in "Fair Game". As often the case with Australian cult-productions ("Outback", "Wolf Creek", "Mad Max"…), the exterior filming location and wildlife images alone make the movie worth purchasing and this particular one also benefices from good music and stylish camera-work. The acting performances are more than satisfying and I'm pleased to notice the cast exclusively exists of native Australians. This isn't always the case, you know. Definitely recommended if you're a fan of the revenge movies.

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