The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind



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Chiwetel Ejiofor as Trywell Kamkwamba
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SarahJaneHeath 10 / 10

Loved every moment of this film

What a great movie - powerful acting, cinematography and story line. Heartwarming, powerful and emotional - it brought tears of sadness and joy! Thoroughly recommend.

This is the kind of film awards were made for. I hope it wins many.

Reviewed by iampeaceful 10 / 10

Powerful, real and moving....

Incredible heart wrenching powerful family movie. This to me was gut wrenching and sad but in the end beautifully written about a boy whom saved his family. I cried lots but I also felt relief. This story humbled me and made me realize that I too need to be grateful daily for those around our world have less but make the best out of each day. Incredibly written and told. I am so glad Netflix had this incredible, well written story.

All should view this and take a step back to see we can do more for others.

Reviewed by david-161-28390 10 / 10

In the top 5 movies list that i have watched in the last 54 years.

I have just copied what another reviewer stated verbatum because it was perfectly phrased and exactly my thoughts: "This film is absolutely great, and I recommend everyone to just watch it right now on Netflix. This needs to be seen and supported. It is full of interesting and powerful themes that are rarely portrayed like this in cinema, and teaches a lot of important lessons without ever being preachy about it. It's one of these based on a true story movies that are actually really good and achieve what they are going for, and also match the importance and beauty of the real tale.

All of the acting, the cinematography, the score, and the directing are working so well together, which makes for an excellent watching experience, and one that will actually stick with you for a bit.

Please give The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind a chance."

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