Chain Reaction


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Rachel Weisz as Dr. Lily Sinclair
Keanu Reeves as Eddie Kasalivich
Michael Shannon as D.C. Flower Delivery Man
Morgan Freeman as Paul Shannon
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Reviewed by koffeenkreame41-1 7 / 10

A very enjoyable 90s flick in the same vein as The Fugitive....

Simply put, one of my favorite movies of the 90s, because I'm a big fan of the Fugitive. This plot follows it adds a bit of a new age spin on it. Enjoyable flick with very good actors and a cast that features Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Fred Ward, Brian Cox, Rachel Weisz and many others, highly recommended if you're a fan of the Fugitive or U.S. Marshalls!

The story is about a chemist & his friend suspected of murdering their mentor and Reeves & Weisz receive help from a friend of their fallen colleague and they try and find out who is trying to frame them for murder. Much like The Fugitive, which ironically is done by most of the same crew and features some of the actors from that film, it's a great flick to pass the time on.

Reviewed by DreamPilot 8 / 10


Actually, the above poster is incorrect. Reeves is a machinist in this movie who is helping the scientists build the parts not a scientist. And that matters in this movie because Reeves actually does pretty well for once as an actor.

The concept of the movie isn't a new one, an industrial-military conspiracy to control technology because the masses aren't "ready" to deal with it yet. Freeman actually played the most interesting character. He kind of flip-flops throughout the movie and you're not sure what to think of him until the final scene.

Regardless, it wasn't the best movie nor the worst movie ever made. Reeves acted pretty well and the writing was semi-believable. If you're looking for a fast paced movie that you don't have to think too much on - this movie isn't a bad rental to see.

Reviewed by madshell 7 / 10

Weird Science

"Man and woman against the world!!" Okay, maybe it has been done into the ground, and it is the basis of today's and yesterday's rehashed thriller. The welcome difference that "Chain Reaction" gives is in its cast.

Morgan Freeman, Keanu Reeves (who's at his best in action) and Rachel Weisz make this film much more engaging to watch than it should be. Reeves and Weisz look fine together as Eddie and Lily, respectively, who are two college students accused of murdering one of their colleagues and stealing their economically and ecologically-friendly fuel project. They must run from the Law AND those who have framed them, or are they the same people?

Good on action!

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