The Dead Don't Die


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 45773

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Adam Driver as Officer Ronnie Peterson
Tilda Swinton as Zelda Winston
Chloë Sevigny as Officer Mindy Morrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 3 / 10

Messy, Slow and Confused

I think this movies tries to have it all. The director/writer threw everything possible at this movie and i think sometimes it just doesn't work.

The metaphor that is used is very on the nose but i think it is an important metaphor. However this is not the only one, they then start piling more metaphors on about greed and i think it starts to loose value when you can't commit to one thing. Also just because a movie is metaphorical doesn't make it good. I have seen people comment "You just didn't get it". Yeah i did, it was still messy.

It is also painfully slow. Nothing happens for a very very large chunk of this movie. It just has cameos dotted in through it so that people will be like "Oh cool i love _____". I think the case is a huge issue as well.

Now i love a lot of the people in this cast. It is such a good cast but that is where the studio or someone let the movie down. They pushed so hard about the cast that they made it all rest on them. A lot of the promotion for the movie just talked about the cast, even the poster on IMBd literally talks about the cast. I don't know if they did this because they knew they couldn't market it any other way, i don't know.

Talking of marketing i went into this thinking it was a comedy and then about 30-40 minutes in i thought i needed to check to see if it actually was a comedy so i googled it. I can't even say the jokes were unfunny because i feel it had a lack of jokes and I'm not just talking about really obvious jokes it just wasn't humorous. There were moments, more so later on that i was like "Hm that's a bit funny" but i think that's why people also don't like it because it was marketed as the "Funniest all-Star cast" and it just wasn't.

I have never watched any of this directors other films and i do want to as i think he could make interesting films like there were ideas like the dust coming from zombies and not blood. I really liked that and thought it was a bit different.

So if you like this directors movies you might like this one but i don't know, it was just so slow and stagnant.

Reviewed by IMDB-Reviews 3 / 10

A Cameo Movie.

This waste of time snoozefest tells the story of "Centerville", a small peaceful town that all of a sudden one evening starts to become infested with their dead coming back to life due to the earth changing its rotational axis. Adding a bunch of big names actors who are thrown around here and there in this random mess with pointless roles.

Regardless of the complete absurdity and clear scientific ignorance of the writer coming up with a reason for the zombies, The film itself is beyond dead, starting from the lame script which feels it was written by a kid to the pointless character whom if deleted from the plot you won't feel any difference, to the slow paced filming which feels too slow that if you don't simply feel bored you'll be very annoyed, not to mention the dull, emotionless, dragged acting from the whole cast! It feels like they are on drunk, drugs or were forced to act with no pay, like the whole cast was doing a cameo appearances for a hidden lead character! they literally didn't even try. I know this is a comedy and I know some stupidity is expected but not from everyone and in every role and scene. The whole film can be summed in about 10 mins short at best and you'll get the same results.

I clearly get the message behind the movie which is the fact that most of human beings now a days are just a walking zombies, wasting their lives and willing to sell their souls if they could for shallow materialistic stuff. Yet a good message is never an excuse for a lazy script or lame directing/acting. This disaster is annoying at moments, boring at most and unfunny over all, I hardly managed to snag a couple of smiles during the whole thing hoping it'll turn out good at any point.

I couldn't care less for the history of the writer/director or the big names of any of the actors, if this stinks I'll always call it as it is! and this movie is a big stinky. This movie is very poorly written/directed and very badly acted by the whole cast.

Reviewed by foxesandmagpies 8 / 10

The zombies don't like this movie.

A clever, onion-skinned movie that reflects back on the audience the true horror of zombies.

We're all addicted to something, lost in a world of thought, each finding ourselves outside of ourselves while the world falls apart around us. And, on top of this we're all reading off a different script, all on different pages, a mess of half-opinions and echoed sentiment we're really not thinking through. We're sloppy and entitled, lost and confused, zombies one and all.

So, it makes sense that this movie would be lost on us.

A good movie. Whimsical, boring, strange, funny. Great characters that don't go quite where you want them to. Plot-lines and arcs you expect to manifest but don't. But... That's the point. Our expectations are what drive us, make us zombies... Our expectation of coffee or chardonnay, Wi-Fi and guitars.

Prepare to have your expectations woefully and beautifully trashed then. What else could us zombies hope for?

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