The Chamber


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
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Charlotte Salt as Edwards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christianloteyro 4 / 10


If you are into thriller, watch it. But, I guarantee you that the flow of the story was not good. Script was not executed clearly and so many changes of emotions, like it was skipping time but it wasn't. Red is always changing characteristic casually, and the other character are a bit of over acting. I'm not a hater, but The Chamber isn't thrilling or something interesting. It's like written geniusly at the start and the end, but the body is not that convincing.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

Punch it!

The film opens reminding us North Korea is still there. A Norwegian ship operating precariously close to N.Korean waters has its own two man submarine of ancient design. Three Navy SEALS and one civilian driver of the sub, Mats (Johannes Kuhnke) take a top secret dive. The SEALS are lead by Alice "Red" Edwards. They over load the sub with people and special equipment then debark. There are immediate personality conflicts. Mats, who is steering the sub, is in the dark about the mission, as are we the audience. About halfway into the film, it goes from mission oriented to survival (see DVD cover).

It was a fairly intense drama/thriller, although I was uneasy about the plausibility of the plot. The film consists of 4 people in a two man sub getting on each others' nerves very quickly.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Ocean picture without sharks.

Reviewed by Joe Bruno 2 / 10

Pretty Difficult to Sit Through

I can't really fault the sets or effects as the entire set is pretty limited. Cinematography is OK, Audio is OK, Sound Track is serviceable and thankfully not annoying.

Kuhnke (as "Mats") does a pretty solid job given a pretty weak script. Salt (as "Edwards" aka Stick-Girl) and McArdle (as "Parks" aka Dough-Boy) are both unsuitable to be cast as "military personnel" and unforgivable as "SEALs". Why IN THE WORLD did they cast a woman as a SEAL Team Commander? Seriously?... and a pallid, anorexic one at that? If you're as tired of the SJW/Feminist pandering that goes on in film as I am, you might want to pass this one up .... otherwise be prepared to see yet another 85lb supposed "super woman" with arms about the size of my 2-year old's throwing around a guy three times her size - eventually killing him with her bare hands.


SO believable.

Additionally, the lack of discipline in both conduct and language coming from these supposedly "elite" soldiers is laughably bad - watching the two "SEALS" argue is like watching an old married couple fight.... and they fight a LOT. Since the writer apparently didn't seem to know any military personnel, he at least could have watched "The Abyss" a few times before writing his highly pressurized SEALs ;)

I can't help but think that if the movie had been cast with believable characters, it would have added a star or two to the rating - even with the hideous dialog.

There isn't a lot more to the movie, so I'll close with the suggestion that if you want to see a movie similar in many ways to this one, yet superior in every way, check out "Pressure"(2015) -

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