The Villainess


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bettyjbettyj 7 / 10

Fantastic action scenes but mediocre clichéd story

This movie reminds me of Batman vs Superman, fantastic action sequence, good cinematography and great score but terrible script. The movie action sequence are like Kingsman except much more brutal. The cinematography was also beautiful. However the main characters were dumb and the villains were cartoonishly evil. You could see the plot twist and the characters motives as soon as you saw the character. If the movie had a simple plot like Raid or Die Hard, it may have been spectacular but instead it tries to be Shakespearean Hamlet saga and fails.

Reviewed by suaveg-85-507663 8 / 10

Absolutely awesome

Good story line and intense action all throughout the movie.

Reviewed by chrislawuk 8 / 10

Asian action flick on par with Hollywood blockbusters

There's a lot of similarities that can be drawn with this movie and others. There is "Hardcore Henry" which was an experimental 1st Person action movie, and definitely "Le Femme Nikita". The version I saw had terrible amateur subtitles and seemed to run 5 min short of the official release running time. Still, the movie kept my attention through out, which is more than I can say for a lot of the movies I have seen lately. There is some excellent cinematography in regards to the action sequences and they come across fluid and realistic. There is a lot of fairly graphic violence to go along with it, which I kind of liked as anything with a budget from the USA these days seems to be tame on the gore front. Its a shame it seems to be getting such a limited release given the just over 500 + ratings its had on IMDb 3 full months on from its release. Hopefully this movie will find its audience in the future.

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