Spark: A Burning Man Story


Action / Biography / Documentary / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 541

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intelearts 4 / 10

554th Review: Effective history lesson that captures almost nothing of the wonderful insanity

Burning Man is about freedom, lack of boundaries, openness, that spirit of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s that had more to do with the Dead Kennedy's and Seattle than LA Law and Washington DC. It's truly about art as art not commerce.

Can the unfettered human spirit be captured on film? It would take an extraordinary documentary to even come close: it needs Fellini or Russell as director - what we get is the PBS version - it's not only highly sanitized, as in just too sanitized, it's clearly unclear about who its selling too - it is seriously tepid and works as an historical record but little else - we got a good sense that putting portaloos up in the desert is hard - but little else.

Really its fault lies in picking story lines - if ever there was a great film to be made just by pointing the camera and letting go its this one - seeing the office workings, the planning committee, and then, frankly censored, rather than edited, moments is not what should be up there.

Spark is good publicity for Burning Man by letting you know its there, but this like Taking Woodstock totally misses what freedom is about and chooses instead to box in, and entrap, and just about diminishes the spirit.

There is a great film waiting to be made - and it should be way more unviewable. shockingly joyful, and just plain good old-fashioned anarchic than this - talking heads and modesty doth not a Burning Man make.

Reviewed by colin-j-parker 2 / 10

Burners may NOT love this movie

This evening a couple friends and I all gathered together to check out Spark: A Burning Man Story at Cinema 21 here in Portland, OR. We were all excited and still glowing from our experiences a couple weeks back in Black Rock City. This year my partner and I started a theme camp and this process provided a whole new appreciation for the Burning Man experience than simply being a participant could provide. I went into this film looking forward to sounding my experiences against a backdrop of historical information and the cinematically captured spirit of my favorite festival on Earth. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed.

The filmmakers focused a surprising amount of energy on the negativity, stress, drama, and frustration that SOME people experience, to varying degrees, in their work on Burning Man. While some of the artists and administrators that were interviewed maintained a balanced and positive outlook, the bulk of them were so mired in difficulties and stressful situations that their best selves remained hidden from the camera. In addition, emotionally dramatic topics such as the 2012 ticket fiasco, the 'plug-and-play' camps, and the Occupy Wall-Street art played central roles in this film, but are not central to the spirit of Burning Man. In fact, historically, ticketing has been very well handled by the BMorg, 'plug-and-play' camps have a very minimal footprint on the overall city, and the Occupy art was a strong deviation from the status quo at Burning Man where protest art is uncommon, especially protest art that encourages emotions such as anger and animosity. I felt the choice of these topics was strange, but was hoping that later in the film we would be treated to equally compelling footage of the life-affirming, positive qualities of Burning Man.

This wasn't so. While there was certainly a substantial amount of eye-candy (HD footage of the playa and its beautiful inhabitants), these scenes were really just interludes between additional downer shots of the Occupy or PlayaSkool folks struggling on the Playa. The only redeeming thing in this film about Burning Man was Burning Man itself, with its wonderful 10 principles and guiding ideals that still managed to shine through the rather poor lens this film held up to it. If you watched this movie and felt encouraged to experience what Burning Man has to offer, then you absolutely must go, because the reality is infinitely better than this simulacrum.

Reviewed by helandlee 9 / 10

Burners will love this documentary.

Burning Man means myriad things to multitudes of people. I would say that the ones who have the most difficulty defining the experience to a "virgin", are probably the most accurate. In my encounters, people who are the most opinionated, are the ones who have never participated.

There are wonderful aerial shots and time lapse sequences accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack. And even though the film is long, I would have liked some coverage of the theme camps.

The filmmakers have achieved what others have long been striving to convey- a comprehensive overview of the essence of Burning Man. A veteran and a "newbie" team up to give us unprecedented access to the movers and shakers of the organization...filling in the rich history of an event that will surely change your life forever.

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