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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 / 10

She had a cooking accident.

There are dolls in the film, but it has nothing to do with Annabelle, but it does have a bell in it in case you wish to make a connection. Anne (Gail Yost) who looks like a man in a dress, lives alone with dolls. She is not all there. We watch her watch TV and eat from a discontinued Pfaltzgraff bowl to a horrific sound track that sounded like a ukulele with a broken string. It was boring to watch and feel free to fast forward for about an hour into the film.

The production was low budget. It was written, produced, directed and starred Joseph Mazzaferro who was more concerned about Mazz appeal than mass appeal. So bad it is worth a punch on the hacker's card if you can make it all the way through. It does have twist (?) that was as idiotic as the film.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by tonybeatson-901-440249 1 / 10


Watched this film last night ,its 1 hour 20 minutes of my life i can never get back , my father was watching with me is still in shock ,think he might never watch another film that i suggest to him ...starts off slow then gets even slower if that is possible made an hour and half seem like a month of Sundays ...avoid at ALL COSTS !!

Reviewed by estherdamiano 1 / 10

The most worsest movie ever

Too depressing to watch. Too dull, too slow. Make no sense. Again too depressing

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