We Blew It



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bumdog 5 / 10


The opening sequence was so beautiful done, I had hoped this would be another Wild Wild Country, in terms of pace and movement.

But I can't imagine whoever editing the opening also edited the rest of the film. This was the slowest editing I've ever seen, even for a documentary, documentaries themselves being slow by nature.

There are static shots of people that are about to be interviewed,walking towards the camera that last 1:30! Nothing else. Just them walking down the street. Sometimes there is a voice over, sometimes not. It's just painful. Which is a shame because when people do talk they offer incredible insightful views into not only American history, but it's current state of affairs.

It's worth watching for any history buff, or anyonenstill fascinated by the endless ironies of the 2016 election. But as an editor myself I could only take it in sections.

Reviewed by beckiarcherd 7 / 10

Genuine Take On Everyday People's Views

This documentary, while does touch on current political issues, actually delves into the history of how our current state and culture evolved. Great interviews with everyday people who recall the Kennedy era and were at Woodstock. If you're looking for subjective reasoning and want to hear about our country's history from individuals who recall the 60's era, worth a watch.

Reviewed by Sellers5 9 / 10

Great documentary about the loss of innocence

More than a documentary about cinema, this film asks the following question : how did we go from "Easy Rider" to Donald Trump ? Traveling through the United States, the filmmaker meets everyday people and some famous directors (Michael Mann, Tobe Hooper, Bob Rafelson, Peter Hyams...). With the use of beautiful photography, clever editing and great music, Jean-Baptiste Thoret digs deep in the heritage of the sixties and seventies, and gradually comes to the conclusion that it might not have been such a "golden era". "We blew it" is a road-movie that thinks, asks questions, and tries to define what is left of an era when cinema was important to people, and when it gave them answers to what they were living. A must-see for those in love with American cinema, and the USA in general.

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