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Meryl Streep as Mary Fisher
Linda Hunt as Hooper
Roseanne Barr as Ruth Patchett
Maria Pitillo as Olivia Honey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sally_Kirkland 9 / 10

Hilarious! and clever too!

This movie is not serious at all. That's the funniest part!

This movie is absolutely among my comedy favorites. Perhaps it was a bit ahead of it's time, I think - everyone should take a look at it again and have a laugh.

As a European I must say that it is ever so refreshing with a movie with such a black humor to it. The fact that everything is over the top makes it not less attractive, but brings the so-called "authenticity" of this story to an extend of fun, fun, fun. It is beyond "real" - it is there to amuse you and so it does. This movie is sarcastic, even to itself and indeed to the Fay Weldon novel that lies behind it.

Roseanne stars in her very best role ever as the ugly and poor Ruth Patchett who reveals herself as a superheroine in the vengeance department. To cast Roseanne in this role is a brilliant idea. She is obviously not afraid of being the most repulsive woman ever seen on video, and that only contributes to the laughs as she turns from the bearded lady into a business woman with a hard grip on her own destiny. Roseanne has always been accused of being a bad actress. I am not saying that she is a good one, but perhaps the character Ruth has a lot of Roseanne inside her - because her work here is in any way magnificent.

Meryl Streep on the other hand is absolutely faboulos. She has tried a few time to enter the world of comedy, most notably with the bizarre "Death Becones Her", but this might be her very best try in the genre. As the pink queen of romance, the Barbara Cartland of her generation, you might add, she sparkles with hysteria and selfconsciousness. Her Mary Fisher does make one of the funniest breakdowns as her "Love in the Rinse Cycle" fails as well as her relationship with Robert Patchett, Ruth's husband. Streep has the elegance that it takes to be - well, pink - but she is not afraid of tearing it down and plays the role with much physical courage.

Academy Award Winner Linda Hunt as always also makes a great appearance as Ruth's partner-in-crime Nurse Hooper. Along with Roseanne and Meryl Streep she benefits from her physical appearance, and all three of them changes as women in a very convincing way. For Linda Hunt, cookies does the trick, and her change from dry, bitter and hardworking to giggling business woman is very amusing indeed.

Finally I must say that the cinematography and editing of this movie is outstanding, as well as the musical contribution, e.g. the opening titles and the introduction of Ruth - it sure does follow the general irony of the story in a great way. Along with the extremely well-put dialogue this movie simply is - hilarious.

Reviewed by Sandcat2004 8 / 10

Not enough praise was given to this little gem...

I will admit from the outset that I have a soft spot for the trio of Seidelman films made in the mid-80's and early 90's-- Desperately Seeking Susan, Making Mr. Right, and this film. There is something playful and quite outrageous about all three of the aforementioned movies with She Devil being the funniest due to great performances by the entire cast, even Roseanne Barr. Although this movie was disregarded by most critics and ignored at the box office, it is truly a funny film with its cartoon-like situations and over-the-top characters. Regardless of what everyone says, check out this film, especially when you find yourself in the mood for a cute and campy movie that is reminiscent of some of the great comedies of the 80's, such as Ruthless People.

Reviewed by Elswet 9 / 10

Bedevils you

She-Devil bedevils you!! Roseanne Barr is not one of my favorite thespians, but this under-rated little movie simply RAWKS!!

Roseanne Barr is married to Bob Pratchett. He is a hard-working accountant who is skimming the little gratuities from his clients; the newest of which is Mary Fischer. With a huge "MF" on her front gate, she is the top fantasy/romance novelist in the country.

With Ms. Fischer's mother in a "retirement home," and Bob spending all his time with his new lover, Mary, Ruth Pratchett has a lot of time on her hands. She has vowed to take care of their children, their home, and do her best to hold her head up in the community. When Bob's parents come to dinner, and it turns into a total disaster, Bob begins to berate his loving and faithful wife, who slowly begins to unravel at the seams, right there before our eyes. During his tirade, Bob makes the fatal mistake of listing his life's assets.

1. home

2. family

3. career

4. freedom

He walks out on his loving wife, and moves in with Mary Fischer. Ruth, in a state of shock, then sets out upon her plot. She blows up their home, takes the kids to Bob, obtains employment in the retirement home where Mary Fischer's mother resides, and begins giving her vitamins instead of sedatives. She then helps Mrs. Fischer to the bus for a surprise visit with her daughter, and arranges things so that the elderly Fischer is unable to return to the retirement home. So Bob is now deprived of his house, has an over-abundance of family and his career and freedom are next on the agenda.

This is a wonderful "getting even" movie for all those of you who have been there; done that.

While Roseanne is not exactly the shining star of stage and screen, she is more than adequate in her role as Ruth Pratchett, wife and mother; and in her title role as "She-Devil," the personification of a marriage gone wrong.

Maria Pitillo is delightful as the naively sweet but ruthlessly ambitious Olivia Honey. Olivia is Bob's new lover. And nothing cools the flames of passion like a mistress who behaves like a wife. So Bob, while still very hungry for Mary's money, is now on to bustier things. But he neglects to tell Ms. Honey of his relationship with Mary, and when they find out about one another, all bets are off. If you liked her as Audrey Timmonds in "Godzilla," 1998, you will thoroughly enjoy her performance in this zany vehicle.

I love this quirky little "B" movie, and watch it often.

It gets a 8.9/10 from...

the Fiend :.

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