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Rosario Dawson as Jolene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yeolit 6 / 10

Great animation and voice-acting, everything else was plain awful

A mediocre plot and script highlighted by several inconsistencies throughout the movie, some parts were poorly explained as well.

I feel as if the main power of the main character seems to be a rip-off of a certain Marvel character, and the villains as well. To be frank though , it is not about the powers that made this movie horrible, it was the presentation, and the characters. Especially the main character at the beginning, and yeah, the ending climax was so strange as well.

Anyways, if you exclude all the various parts of the movie, the voice acting is actually pretty spectecular, not to mention the animation, which is so smooth.

Overall, a movie with much wasted potential.

Reviewed by fallguy_jack 8 / 10

Genuinely entertaining, don't believe the low ratings

A fresh and fairly funny movie with decent animation and actual imagination. Maybe that's why sheeple today can't appreciate it? Because it doesn't fit into the mundane cookie-cutter one way to see everything view that's popular these days and that scares and befuddles them? LOL... I don't know, that's my best guess.

I'm pretty sure if you give it a watch you'll enjoy it or at least not dislike it. I honestly can't imagine how anyone would think this is a bad movie.

Reviewed by bhostetle 8 / 10

I almost stopped watching...

This movie is filled with talent, but I admit that the first few minutes made me think I was going to be watching a bad cartoon. I also admit that I almost stopped watching, but if you make it past the Henchmen title screen it starts to get interesting. I was confused at about five minutes in, but I started to hear familiar voices. Then it starts to become interesting, and everything after the "who cut the cheese?" joke turned into a really good movie. You'll be glad you watched it

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