United Skates



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bubba_gonzalez-64135 10 / 10


I love how the skaters traveled! So Dope! I hope it gets better for skaters. They are a culture to be protected.

Reviewed by shelladona 7 / 10

Blast from the past- Inspirational

This documentary made me want to go out and skate! Although the only rink in my area is a run down and culturely bias. I thought the movie brought forth a positive message to parents and children. Skating really can be family entertainment and it can be hip and new age. Why let your children play video games and watch tv all day when you have places like this. Its not a matter of color to me it's a matter of family, health, community, friendships, dedication, and the will to achieve. I really wish the big time rappers and successful entertainers who got their start in these rinks would donate some serious cash to these struggling business owners. The yearly tax bill on one rink was $96,000 why couldnt Dre or Cube or Latifa pay that for a couple years knowing it would be good for everyone? I know the film was brought forth by Salt and Peppa and they did a great job! Thank you for bringing it to the front burner. I'm sure there is much more to the story than could fit in the film and I'm sure people will find it fun and educational.

Reviewed by abcvision 7 / 10

Rolling rock

As chronicled in the book Bowling Alone of the changing trends of the white America´s tradition of bowling decline. This movie centers on the African American tie to a tradition skating. It is a component that weaves the community. Unfortunately there has been a sharp decline in the availability of skating arenas. They have closed due to economic down turn and shifting Main Street trends. The movie chronicles an overview of the skating community. I found it interesting and insightful of a world I was not aware of. I saw this as part of the 2018 Bronze Film Festival

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