It Stains the Sands Red


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Juan Riedinger as Smalls
Dylan Playfair as Robbie
Brittany Allen as Molly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alec-macarthur 6 / 10

Good but...

First off, this is worth a watch, and it's far better than the 2-3 stars some reviewers are awarding.

Woman takes an unplanned "walking holiday" in the Nevada desert and picks up an unwanted follower in the form of a slow but relentless Zombie, is a great premise.

Brittany Allen as Molly does a perfectly acceptable job in the lead playing a character who has to deal with increasingly grim situations with nothing but steely determination 5 grams of cocaine to see her through.

In the last act the film lost it's clarity but still just about kept it together.

6 out of ten, could have been a 7 with a tighter ending.

Reviewed by tdwillis-26273 8 / 10

The Best Independent Drama/Thriller/Zombie Film I've Seen

To try and quench my zombie appetite I have watched MANY MANY...and I mean MAAANY zombie movies, and many of them are pretty dang bad.

This is not one of them.

Although not academy award level in any aspect, I would consider this deserving of awards in the independent and lower budget arenas!

If reviewers and viewers pay attention you will notice that this movie is labeled a Drama, Horror, Thriller. I believe that's accurate. For hard core zombie fans who like strict zombie action, I can see why some would be disappointed. I was not. And in fact I was quite pleasantly captivated. This was a breath of fresh air for this tired, same ole same ole, genera. I finally found a zombie movie that had some MEANING to it. Where the main character was believable and multi dimensional. I loved the humor inter mixed thru out!

The camera work was EXCELLENT. The acting and direction was very very good. And the story was full and different with the pace set at a nice steady burn. After about 45 minutes the pace does pick up with some new characters introduced and some nice surprises!

After reading my review, you can tell whether or not this film may interest you. If you are on the fence...let me push you off. I thought it was an excellent film.

Reviewed by demontrees 6 / 10

Pretty decent entry in the genre.

Started watching this having already decided (based on the trailer) that it was gonna be another trash zombie flick, but i was surprised and glad to have been wrong. The film was well made and dare i say well directed and the casting choice for the lead was excellent in my opinion. The pace was good and the general mood of the film also. Script-wise it was lacking a bit but the main character's development and back story were great, the dynamic between Molly and the zombie really made me empathize with both of them, especially since after a point there's a bond formed between the two. The end was actually pretty satisfying and left me rooting for Molly. The actress gave a good performance considering she's the only character with lines for almost the entirety of the film. I tried to be as objective as i could with this review since i love zombie flicks but the review below trashing the film is really misleading, if it wasn't for that review i wouldn't have actually bothered writing mine, since i have an account for the past 5 years and this is my first one. This film maybe be no Night of the living dead but it has a lot of heart and i trust it will find it's place in the genre's audience.

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