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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boself 7 / 10

Honest review from European Woman with Netflix subscription

I couldn't understand the low rating and the very high reviews some people stated where unrealistic or even paid to write. Since the movie popped up on my Netflix home screen I decided to give it a go and write an honest unpaid review. And this is just my opinion. I am a woman from Europe, an entirely different culture than the African one, but since this is a movie, and I watched it, I am entitled to my opinion! At first I was skeptical and I couldn't figure out what to think of it the first 30 minutes. But the acting was fine, I totally and absolutely loved the chemistry between the strong female lead and her uncle. What a character! This wasn't a heavy, dramatic movie, more a light hearted fast paced flick with a lot of elements that are almost comical. Hallmark like camera and music and I liked the directing and camera. The only thing I wasn't really happy about was that the movie quite suddenly was over. It could have used like ten minutes more of even a bit longer to work things out with the possible love interest. Conclusion: I liked it, I enjoyed myself, it was not a master piece, but a nice watch. Well done.

Reviewed by vlordschild-14162 10 / 10

Outstanding quality and acting.

For a first time director and two times producer of films ,nnaji is heading for greatness. Beautiful film to say the least . And a very calming movie with smiles

Reviewed by finndatong 10 / 10

Mind Blowing Piece Of Work.

Enjoyed it. Been a while I saw a movie so well acted and delivered. The theme was beautifully touched on. Well done Genevieve Nnaji and Team. Looking forward to your next reviews

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