The Millionaires' Express


Action / Comedy / Western

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Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Ching Fong Tin
Cynthia Rothrock as Mountain Bandit
Bolo Yeung as Cotton Weaver
Richard Norton as Mountain Bandit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JinxsterJones 10 / 10

Crazy Brilliant!

It's a crazy movie, but awesome all the same. It's an incredibly visual story. The first time I saw it was a Cantonese version with no subtitles, but I still followed the whole story. The humour is also very visual and very funny! However, the stand out moment, ignoring the awesome battles running through the film, has to be Yuen Biao's flip from the top of a burning building. If you watch this film for no other reason, you have to see one of the greatest stunts ever committed to celluloid. Simple yet MAD! For fight fans there's the added bonus of seeing some of the all time greats of Far East Cinema battle it out on screen! SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!

Reviewed by editajan 10 / 10

One of the funnies films!

The "Wealthy train" aka "Millionaire's express" looks like an action film. But strangely each and every moment that in a normal action film would have been dramatic here turns into a farce. It has all necessary elements of a classical western, only things happen in China. The fighting stuff is really well done, only instead of tension it brings another occasion to smile. It is extremely rich in characters and situations. One could say overcharged. But most of these situations are illogical: I mean, if it were true, it would never happen, at least it would not happen this way... But it doesn't matter. Do not look for any logical explanations, the film is not about that. In fact it is a parody. And a good one. People who created this film gave a free course to imagination, and the audience is invited to do the same thing. It's like a game: recognize all moments which usually are presented so seriously in many action films (and are supposed to thrill us!) and see how ridiculous they often are. "Wealthy train" is one of those films that never becomes outdated. It will be appreciated by everyone who is able not to take himself too seriously. Watch it when you want to relax, cheer yourself up and just have fun!

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 8 / 10

Funny Eastern

From start till end you will be entertained! Everything what is happening concerning the Millionaire's Express is a setup for the grand finale in the last twenty minutes! Somehow Sammo Hung managed to create a western in Chinese setting! Even one character seems to be a parody of Clint Eastwood! A lot is going on in the movie,but the real action picks up at the final! This movie is more a comedy! There a lot of jokes that are easy to understand because they are very visual! One example is a man who seems to be cheating on his wife! While on the train he visits his mistress by climbing on top of the train and without any problems he walks to the wagon where his mistress is! In the meanwhile a hoodlum has a lot of difficulties maintaining his balance while he is on top of the train! When the two encounter the adulterer greets him like he is taking a stroll while the hoodlum almost falls off the train! This is just so hilarious! And this just one of the very funny scenes this movie contains! Also I recognized a parody on Wong Fei Hung (A famous Chinese hero)! All the different characters have their objectives and will be put in very funny scenes which will come to a climax in the last twenty minutes! The action is more than wonderful! Yuen Baio and Jang Lee Hwang (korean martial artist famous for being the villain in "Drunken Master") steal the show! Not to say that all the others weren't great,but Yuen Baio and Jang Lee Hwang (one of the samurai) simply stand out! As they show some excellent moves and skill! There are some small sequences with Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton but they were too short for my taste! "Millionaire's express" delivers on humor and action! One of the best movies made by Sammo Hung!

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