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Andrew Scott as Gethin
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Imelda Staunton as Hefina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steven White 10 / 10

Brilliant moving and accurate I know I was there.

I have just watched this film and on a personal level it affected me greatly. I was a young gay man in 1984 and I and friends, travelled to both the 84 and 85 Pride marches in London. I remember the Miners support at the 85 and we were greatly touched at the time. The movie got the details exactly right, I and many of my gay friends were on lots of marches including the ones against Clause 28 the evil Tory piece of legislation that outlawed promotion of homosexuality in schools and publicly funded museums and art gallerias (among others).

What I want to say about this film is that young gay and straight people should see it. It is immensely moving and funny. Just the right balance. I wept throughout and laughed because it brought to life my youth as I lived it in protest against that evil woman and her kind who dared to tell us how to live our lives, and who we couldn't legally love. It was scary times, AIDS, homophobia and arrest for protest.

I probably can't be objective because of my involvement as a youth in gay protest, it brought raw emotions to recall how angry we young people were then. But more importantly for me it reminded me like it was only yesterday of the immense Pride we felt at fighting for our rights and anyone who was a victim of hatred and prejudice.

All of the actors were a delight, and the portrayal of working class solidarity spot on and very emotional. I loved the fact that it had that British humour that is so peculiar to this country. The details were very true to the time, I recognised the clothes, the music and how tatty gay clubs were with peeling paint on the walls. It is a film that brings to life a time that has not been portrayed before, of protest, solidarity and how together we can change things.

I'm glad that such a film can be made and successful in this country now as a mainstream film as well. Maybe that shows that the protest of our youth changed things. I can get married now if I wish and thanks to a Tory PM, who'd have thought it? So one big thank you to all involved for making this 50 something gay man remember so vividly, and in spite of the dark days portrayed, our youthful struggle and reminding us that we really did something wonderful and change things, as this film is proof positive that we did just by the fact that is got made.

I hope that young gay people, who still cope with the same problems we did, isolated, alone, and scared can watch this film and gain strength from it and join the fight against prejudice still to be won.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10

Fun, moving true story

'Pride' is a simple British film that manages to be about lots of things all at once, all while being charming and quaint, as only the Poms can do! It's set in London (and Wales) in 1984 and follows a small group of gay & lesbian activists who decide to do stand up to the Thatcher government - not for gay rights, but for the rights of the striking miners! It's all handled quite well and doesn't become a full on drama, or a full on comedy - or even a full on "political" or "gay" movie.

Sure, there's definitely lots of political messages being explored - and you would like to think the world, in general, is a more tolerant place 30 years later - but the film's really about this group of six friends banding together and supporting another put-upon group, a small mining community in Wales. This is where a lot of the humour comes from - the old Welsh ladies having fun with "their gays" and "their lesbians"!

The cast is superb - even though Nighy is probably under-utilised - with Mark (Schnetzer) & Joe (McKay) particularly captivating. The soundtrack/score is also great, although there's obviously some disco! Well-paced and with a great ending, this is a very enjoyable film.

Reviewed by kz917-1 8 / 10

British Film at its Best!

Pride tells the story of a group of U.K. activists that form a group called Gays & Lesbians Support the Miners. They lead the charge in collecting money and materials to support miners during the strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in 1984. In the telling of this true story a good many of the actual people involved are present during some of the march sequences. Good acting all the way around and an enjoyable film.

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