Poltergeist Activity


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 7 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

It is not often the case that a teenager is presented positively in films. They are usually deeply unpleasant in a variety of ways, so it is refreshing to see Natalie Martins playing the very convincing and appealing Katherine Prescott, teenage daughter of David (Lee Bane), who is not only grieving for the death of her mother, but also looking after dad who, by his own admission, isn't handling being a single parent as well as she deserves.

This is another offering from the stable of writer/director/producer Andrew Jones who has produced, and continues to produce, a steady stream of micro-budget horror films. Some are put off by the lack of spectacular set-pieces and effects. What do they expect from a project with such limited financial backing? Not that the low-budget defines the ultimate production – rather the stories these films tell are smaller and more intimate (and to me, far more human and effecting) that some superficial mainstream blockbuster.

In a big spoiler, the two of them move into a secluded Welsh farmhouse and are menaced by china doll Otto, who refuses to stay in the attic/under the bed/in the dustbin. I mention this immediately because, bless him, Otto is rarely convincing. He's a spooky doll operated off camera. Rather more effective are the life-size versions of Otto – cherubic, blank faced creatures in robes that, if you look carefully, have sparkling eyes beneath the mask hollows.

The sound quality here, which has held back scenes in previous Jones films, is much improved, and we are treated to a number of heartfelt speeches – the most impressive from David, lamenting his shortcomings as a parent to a sleeping – or is she? – Katherine. Regular Jared Morgan is terrific also, as an eccentric, disillusioned paranormal investigator called Hans Voltz.

My only issue with this is the lack of a conclusive, or even satisfying, ending. A séance brings forth the strongest manifestations of evil yet. Father and daughter flee - and that's that. It would have been interesting to at least see something of what happened to the other cast members, and repercussions thereof. Ah well, at least in the post-credits sequence, it seems the trouble is not quite over yet.

Reviewed by nikkischultz 1 / 10

Waste of Time and money

Just an absolute waste of a movie night....save this one for the old school horror movie buffs with no idea what decent actors or special effects are....felt like it could turn into an adult film at any moment with the age of the actors and general feel of the movie....ridiculous... not even scary in the least.. I suggest saving your money to use when the actual poltergeist movie comes out. Recommended only for those who need the background noise while they fall asleep at night. At least the views on the movie were pretty but still the storyline made no sense and is kind of irritating due to the trailer being so misleading about the movie

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 2 / 10

The only activity that takes place here is the increasing boredom...

Truth be told, then I made it no more than 30 minutes into the ordeal that is also known as "Poltergeist Activity". Indeed, the movie was just that unfathomably boring. I just simply gave up and threw the towel in the ring out of sheer and complete boredom.

I was initially lured in to watch this movie given that it was a ghost movie with some poltergeist activity - hence the name, duh! But wow, was this a swing and a miss. 30 minutes into the movie and still nothing had happened, aside from a dysfunctional family consisting of a father and daughter having moved into a new house and were just stumbling about with any direction or meaning.

I didn't even care one bit about any of the characters in the movie, because they were showing as much charisma as watered down cardboard cut-out characters would. And the dialogue in this movie didn't really help promote the entertainment value either.

As for the acting, well I didn't really see anything noteworthy, and I am sure that it was the result of having nothing worthwhile to work with in terms of script, direction and storyline. The actors and actresses here just simply had nothing to work with.

"Poltergeist Activity" came and went without leaving a dent or even the tiniest of scratches in anything. And I can honestly say that I have no intention of ever returning to watch the rest of the movie at any time in the future, because the movie just had nothing to offer.

I am rating "Poltergeist Activity" a mere two out of ten stars, solely because it did have some production value to it, at least. But when it comes to it, don't waste your time, money or effort on "Poltergeist Activity", because it quite simply just isn't worth it. It seemed that even whatever poltergeist was supposed to be appearing in this movie even was fleeing at full speed away from this stinker of a movie...

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