Rules of Engagement


Drama / Thriller / War

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Ryan Hurst as Corporal Hustings
Samuel L. Jackson as Colonel Terry Childers
Guy Pearce as Major Biggs
Ben Kingsley as Mourain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dighambara 10 / 10

Excellent Movie

After serving a career in the Military, I definitely relate to every soldier in the story. I consider this a very honest portrayal, especially civilians misunderstanding the reality of 'Rules of Engagement'.

These previous reviewers have no concept of the reality of combat:

A Flag is more important than Marine's life ? (This person should read about Francis Scott Key, Ft McHenry and those who died to keep the flag standing)

The ending was absurd! ("The Corps, the Corps, the Corps" - not understood by civilians.

Propaganda at its best (Closer to truth than you know..!!)

Reviewed by moviecat-6 8 / 10

A good ride, good actors, some flaws.

Last week, as I considered ordering this DVD, I checked the IMDB rating and saw a "fair" 6.5. Since I like Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, I placed the order. Like most roller coasters, I found it to be a good ride and Jones and Jackson did very credible jobs. The flaws in the movie have been correctly pointed out by numerous other reviewers. I was somewhat surprised that some of the most critical reviews were by US viewers. I fully understand how non-US citizens would be irritated by the stereotypes. I found it to be a very exciting movie from my particular perspective (US citizen, military family, male over 45). The scenes of combat when the marines are ordered to the US embassy in Yemen to safeguard our state department personnel were VERY well done, even to the point of gripping. The court scenes and conflicts of evidence or lack of evidence were interesting to me and I also understood, but did not agree with, the aims of the State Department. I don't think some of the reviewers are aware of what a person might do in such an extremely stressful situation as that of Colonel Childers (Jackson). It was fascinating to me to see what he did do and how he and others looked back on it. I would have given Rules of Engagement a 9 or 10, but for the flaws. It's a good movie though and well worth renting. It's an 8.

Reviewed by loubob 7 / 10

Not as good as "A Few Good Men" but well worth watching

This is a military court martial movie with a few similarities to A Few Good Men. It did not have as much suspense, but overall it was still quite good. I thought the situation in Yemen made it very applicable to current day problems in Arab-American relations. The movie was released before the USS Cole attack, which reinforces the possibility of the event in question in the court-martial. I don't think the massacre that occurred would have been quite so bloody in a real world situation though.

The performances of Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson and Guy Pearce were very good. Probably no Oscars here, but well worth watching.

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