One in the Chamber


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Dolph Lundgren as Aleksey Andreev
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Ray Carver
Leo Gregory as Bobby Suverov
Louis Mandylor as Demyan Ivanov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mardare_daniel 5 / 10

Not Prague, but Bucharest and Brasov in Romania

The action of the film is actually good and well-wrote. I have seen some of the actors in so many movies so I can say that they play pretty good. However, all the links to the place where the action takes place is said Prague, so the capital of Czech Republic. I am not agree because I recognize most of the places because there are from y country, Romania. The action starts actually in Brasov, in the middle of our country, and then, at the end, there are some views from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The stage manager wanted some good landscapes, so he used Romania's landscapes as being in Prague? I still do not get why they did this. There are some places to promote in Czech Republic or what? Why do they tell to the viewers that the action takes place in Prague if the Atheneum is in Bucharest, the Hotel Grivita is there too and so many other places? Why do they use from time to time sequences from Prague, like the tram and the Dancing Building so they could say that all the action takes place there? Shame!

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

An empty barrel........

Criminals from America moved to Europe, where laws were replaced by crime after the collapse of Communism.

Many of them chose Prague as their hideout, where crime lords were willing to pay assassins in to eliminate their rivals.

Ray Carver works for two rival gangs as their main killer. When Ray attempts to murder a drug lord, he is being pursued by the mobsters.

Suverov mafia hires Alexey Andreev, an assassin from Russia, to find Ray........

Another perfunctory straight to DVD movie starring two actors who went past their prime many years ago, but pop up every one and again in prolific releases. I can forgive Lundgren, he made some wonderful action movies in the early nineties, but lost it around the time of the release of Joshua Tree, and looks bored as ever here.

Gooding Jr. Though, he's just going through the motions here. An obvious carrier of demons, you can tell when someone has demons, the first thing they do in the morning is use a punchbag, and spend a lot of the time reading and looking moody.

The rest of the film features gangsters of non-specific accents phoning each other up, threatening every one and firing guns and using women as human shields.

The two leads pop up every now and again to dispose of the said gangsters, fight each other every now and again, and guess what? In a 'huge twist' they join forces and work surprising.

Set pieces are OK, but the rest is the same old tosh we see all the time, hence the straight to DVD home it has.

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

Gooding v Lundgren

One in the Chamber is o one of the better straight to DVD action films.

Cuba Gooding Jr and Dolph Lundgren play assassins for rival Russian mobs. Gooding turns on his paymasters when he fails to complete a hit. Lundgren has been called in to finish the mess.

Gooding brings a quiet dignity to his role, now looking older, he has been given a bit of a back-story and plays his role with less histrionics and gets to do some action scenes well.

The presence of an Oscar winner means Lundgren has to raise his game and gives a sardonic performance as the lone wolf, almost moving as a lounge lizard. He is even called Sinatra on steroids at one point. You do sense that Lundgren is getting a bit long in the tooth for the action scenes and they do seem to be a tad lethargic or speeded up.

There is nothing much of interest in the story, it is a pretty standard gangland mobsters with Russian accents and plenty of tattoos. There is a damsel in distress at the climax with enough fight action and plenty of shooting. An entertaining film of its genre type but not exceptional.

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