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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 6 / 10

Dumb kids making more dumb kids

Stupid Young Heart isn't a bad movie if you like to watch stupid, not well educated youngsters having kids like it's a new toy. Their (childish) vision on society is between utopic and very narrow minded, leading to racism and xenophobia, and alot of bad decisions. In short nothing to be too surprised about as every big city has it's rough neighborhoods, Helsinki isn't spared of that. The story is well shot, the actors aren't bad at all concidering their young age. The movie is fine to watch once, but I don't need to watch those same dumb characters a second time.

Reviewed by mattioskarisaarinen 9 / 10

Modern take on teen pregnancy and European society

This movie was fantastic. It's a modern, European take on teen pregnancy based around notoriously rough Eastern Helsinki, which is known for its deprived lifestyle, where mostly unemployed people living on welfare and newcomer immigrants are trying to success day by day.

The movie itself had great actors and realistic play on young teens life which isn't made cringeworthy by exaggerating teen slang, which is usually sadly seen on American teen dramas. The usage of non-mainstream Finnish songs made the movie more refreshing and combined with good graphics the movie was really nice to follow along.

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