Mystery of the Nile



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 330

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ERuis 5 / 10

Not a real expedition

Mystery of the Nile is a great movie, great scenery and beautiful photography. Almost to good to be true...

They claim to be a documentary about a real expedition down the Nile. This is not the case. It is a fake, fictional documentary made by actors and mostly shot in a studio. Saskia Lange for instance is no Spanish journalist, but a minor German actress. That's why you only see 5 or so out of 114 expedition days: there has not been an actual expedition! The 'storm on Lake Nasser' scene is a give-away, made in a studio swimming pool. All local scenes are shot in safe, easy to reach tourist spots.

I really dislike the fact that they pretend to be real. It borders a swindle. 5 points for the pretty pictures.

Reviewed by sergepesic 2 / 10

Self advertising

I was really looking forward to this movie.On paper it had absolutely everything I like. Exotic location, brave explorers, exciting and dangerous expedition...What's not to like? Well a lot actually... Movie is only 47 minutes long, but authors generously treated us to 10 minute long introduction to themselves. The rest of the movie was filled with stories of an immense danger they were in , even if camera and the helicopter were following them all the time. Self advertising was the main motive of this whole enterprise. So little about the Nile, so much about the crew.The only venue for this nonsense would be a private party and bragging to friends.

Reviewed by peder-762-520458 1 / 10

Terrible marketing video with false facts

This movie is a marketing video for the expedition leader and a few others, who is immensely self-centered and on top factually wrong on several occasions. The expedition leader claims to be one of "few outsiders" to have ever visited the pyramids in Sudan (yes, not the ones in Egypt), but those pyramids are available for any tourist to visit – and besides "outsider" sounds quite imperialistic for a movie made in 2005. There are researchers, geologists and historians born, living and working in Sudan as well.

The only reason to watch this would be to see some of the footage, which is at times quite good. Especially the flyovers. Be sure to turn off the volume first though so you don't have to hear the narrative (marketing).

Don't waste your time - don't watch this.

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