My Girl


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 66042


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Macaulay Culkin as Thomas J. Sennett
Jamie Lee Curtis as Shelly DeVoto
Anna Chlumsky as Vada Margaret Sultenfuss
Dan Aykroyd as Harry Sultenfuss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avivfagan 9 / 10

The "Manchester by the Sea" of our generation

As a child, this movie was THE movie that introduced me to grief and loss in cinematic form. It was the first movie that made me feel feelings that were not purely happiness. Grief, sadness, and loss. I've had discussions with friends recently that have led us to realize something about this movie... "My Girl" is, hands down, the "Manchester by the Sea" of our generation.

Reviewed by apooos 8 / 10

A movie that will make you cry

I found about this movie from's YouTube videos. It might be the first time I watched a movie without looking up for it over IMDb. But I am glad because after seeing the rating of only 6.8, I might not watched it as usually movies below 7 are not worth watching (I have tried before).

This is one of the few movies which take your emotions through a roller coaster ride. It makes us smile in the beginning and also reminds us of our own childhood. The curiosity of kids about everything. Having a best friend with whom you spend your days and share a special bond. Similar bond is depicted in the movie between Vada and Thomas J. The background music, cinematography and acting done by even the kids make this movie a great family movie.

But doesn't matter how strong you are, the end will make you cry! So, keep some tissues with you. Overall I think it was one of the best family drama movie I have ever watched. I think it deserves a much better rating.

Reviewed by clock_me 5 / 10


My girl is supposed to be a sad crier film but it just isn't First off all Thomas who is vadas friends is barley in the movie I counted and its less then 20mis Also his character is under developed so you just don't care about him one way or the other Vada is a little annoying she tries to have emotion about death and love but falls flat the romance between Jamie lee curitus and Dan akroyed is rushed and they didn't spend a lot of time on oh and the death scene was two slow and buy the time the movie was nearing the dramatic part it had me at a sigh had to stick les miz on to get my tears on for so many years I put this movie off and I wish I never watched it to begin with all the users saying this was sad are saps

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