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David Ramsey as George Masterson
Mary Page Keller as Kate Christopher
Andrew Stevens as David Young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tildagravette 6 / 10

Imaginative Low Budget Horror

I'm not going to sit here and say that Scared Stiff is some sort of lost classic of the genre. It's not. It has pacing problems and you're never quite sure if it's a haunted house movie, a "she's losing her mind" movie, or an installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but when it gets something right, it really gets it right.

A single mother pop star moves into a spooky antebellum mansion with her child and boyfriend and not only begins to unravel the house's gruesome history, but starts to believe that she's actually seeing the previous owners in her day to day life.

Scared Stiff starts out as a typical haunted house film. The lead character is plagued with visions and dreams of the wicked slave owner who used to live there and she thinks she's losing her mind. All of a sudden, it seems as if her doctor boyfriend can't be trusted either and it turns into one of those "is she crazy or being gaslit?" movies, before pulling out all the stops in a genuinely imaginative and nightmarish final act.

It's not as if Scared Stiff is brilliant, but it's competent and the final act is incredibly memorable, creepy, and downbeat.

Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 7 / 10


Yes once more Arrow saves one of those movies once found on the shelves of video stores that screened on as few big screens as possible and found their way direct to video. That's not always a bad thing though and for many who grew up during that time period the mom and pop video store offered them their first glimpse at horror films. Those folks will love having the chance to revisit those memories but are more than likely to discover the movies weren't as great as they remembered.

SCARED STIFF begins with a slave auction in 1857 where slave master George Masterson is enraged. He travels to his mansion where his wife has given shelter to several slaves who are in the midst of a ceremony creating an amulet to protect her from his rages. Before all is said and done we're swept away to the present year of 1987.

Kate Christopher (Mary Page Keller) is a pop singer who had a nervous breakdown and has moved to a small town with her son into an old colonial house with her boyfriend David Young (Andrew Stevens). Yes this is the same house that Masterson owned years ago. It isn't long before she begins having nightmares and fears she's losing her grip on reality once again.

But then her son starts having nightmares as well. David, who was her psychiatrist before becoming her boyfriend, finds nothing supernatural in what's taking place and has more concerns about a relapse. When she discovers an old diary kept by Masterson's wife and starts seeing him around the house things go from bad to worse.

The movie is well made on a technical level but story wise leaves a lot to be desired. It feels like we've seen this before, enough so that most of the film feels more like a cliché than a new film. But for some there is comfort found in formulaic films so that's a good thing for fans of the genre. The acting is solid enough, the special effects well done and the direction better than one would expect. All in all it's not bad but nothing to spend hours searching for.

And yet in spite of all that Arrow Video has once more proven why they are the go to people when it comes to resurrecting movies that might otherwise have dissolved into the ether. Their release of the film on disc offers the movie in a brand new 2k restoration from original film elements making it even better looking than those old VHS tapes of the film fans still hang on to. And the extras are solid as well. Those include a brand new audio commentary track with director Richard Friedman, producer Dan Bacaner and film historian Robert Ehlinger, MANSION OF THE DOOMED: THE MAKING OF SCARED STIFF a new documentary featuring interviews with Friedman, Stevens and more, a new interview with composer Billy Barber, an image gallery, the original theatrical trailer, a reversible sleeve with 2 original artwork options, a limited edition O-card featuring original artwork by Graham Humphreys and a fully illustrated collector's booklet with new writing on the film by James Oliver.

If you have great memories of scanning the shelves of the local video store for the latest horror film to be released then by all means make a point of picking this one up. The odds of it helping those memories remain fresh are pretty good.

Reviewed by rlehlinger 6 / 10

A must see for people who like B Movies...

So let's start with the fact that this isn't a well made movie. It isn't written well (Mark Frost of Twin Peaks had a hand in the writing which is odd) it isn't edited well, it wasn't even thought out clearly in advance, but I love it.

It has everything a B Movie gem should have. Terrible Editing, an amazing soundtrack, a story that doesn't quite make sense, and a mind blowing grand finale! The story is about an abusive and evil slave owner in the 1700's who is cursed and now his ghost is haunting the mansion he used to live in. A new family moves into the place in 1987 and is being tormented in each their own way by the "Masterson Curse".

This movie actually has great special effects when you finally get to them and the ending is somewhat of an acid trip like experience. Reasons like this, the rarity, and of course the soundtrack are why I love this long forgotten gem.... that nobody seems to like. If you like finding old school B Movies for a good laugh then this is the movie for you. It is a little slow paced but the scary parts to me are rather creepy. Love what they did here.

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