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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Not a lot of answers, but some exciting footage of hammerheads.

"Mega Hammerhead" is an installment of National Geographic and like many of their shows, it's currently on Disney+.

This show follows a group of researchers in the Miami coastal area as they go diving and tagging in order to learn more about Hammerheads. However, be forewarned....the researchers apparently know little about these beautiful sharks. But the footage is truly amazing and although I am a scuba diver, the chances of me seeing these fish while I dive is minimal...even though most of my diving is done in Florida, as they are rather illusive. Overall, extremely well photographed and worth seeing.

By the way, they never mentioned it, but there are no recorded unprovoked attacks by Hammerheads on although very formidable looking, they are not the killers some programs (not this one) would have you think.

Reviewed by m_winship 8 / 10

Hammer time!

When I was a young man surfing and frolicking in the ocean off of Riviera Beach, wed encountered these strange sharks with the cephalafoil snouts quite regularly. Has anyone else had the gentle encounter with these unusual fish? They really are the most unusual of pets before getting out to the gulf stream about four miles off the coast (8 kilometers!). Have fun petting one under water! Cheers...Pax, Murf

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