Fireman Sam: Set for Action!


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thunder_le 5 / 10

Sad "we have to make a big movie" example

Everyone loves the Sam series for it's easy storytelling with fun and always something to learn for the kids regarding safety issues. Also slow pace screens and time to focus on the scene. The movie has simply nothing of that. Very fast cuts, which 3-4 year childs never will be able to folllow completly. Filming incidents with the smartphone instead of helping? This will cause legal issues in real live. Firing of Sam has been the absolute no-go. Every child, if able to get the scene, is heartbroken. We is someone doing this to a young audience? Yes the following reflection of his live has been the strongest scene during the movie, but only adults got this. "Hollywood is coming"?? Not one child in the world gets this. Missed the audience completly. Of course the movie has it's ups with big picture fire and rescue action. But if you go to it, and expecting the same as the series, you'll be disappointed.

Reviewed by pprichardsoningol 1 / 10

The makers should consider their audience

When my 3 year old Grandson watched this film he burst into tears when Fireman Sam was told that he couldn't be a fireman anymore. He was upset for the rest of the film. This is not a film for adults, its for toddlers and the makers should realise the affect that it has. My Grandson loves Fireman Sam and would watch it all day but even after the film finished and Sam was re-instated it still left him unsure whether he would see Sam again. No matter how much we tried to explain that Sam would be ok, we couldn't placate him

Reviewed by tahmidurnahidur 9 / 10

Excellent but could make a few changes

I don't think the part where sam gets fired should be included

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