Last Kung Fu Monk


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by euroasiangenetic 10 / 10

Way too underrated....

One of the first Mainland of China movies that got released worldwide in 2010. Last Kung Fu Monk is a drama with kung fu about handle different situations in a different surroundings.

Meet mr Li Long, a Shaolin monk that leave his beliefs and move to America to find his brother. Instead he hear the news that his brother and his wife died in a car accident. His brother has a son though and Li volunteered to take care of him. To make money, Li befriend a Shaolin fan named Dave who tells him he can help him to open up a kung fu school. What Li doesn't know is Dave is connected with the Russian Mafia and the Russian mafia boss wants his money back for tribute the schools fundings.

When the movie came out on 1st October 2010 in the cinema I just thought this movie was just ok, and didn't even put it as a top 20 favorite. But now after 8 years since the release the movie starts to grow on me, and nowadays the cinema is filled with stereotypes hero movies and crappy CGI style, this movie has started to grow on me so much that it is on my top 5 list of my favorite movies of 2010s.

And to compare with nowadays, this movie doesn't deserve the harsh treatment as it got through the early years, this movie is it own movie, and to compare with other Chinese mainland movies, this movie is lighthearted and not much propaganda and quite a cute movie to watch.

I have raised the bar of this movie now and give it a 10/10 because it deserves it.

Reviewed by The_BDC 5 / 10

Better Than the 70's Kung Fu Movies!

This is a low budget Kung Fu flick...but it's really not that bad - I've seen much worse! This movie had the typical "good guy out to avenge his family and help others along the way" kind of story...not as good as others, better than some. Some of the acting was OK...others were pretty bad and some hilarious! The story wasn't going to win any awards, but was good enough to keep me interested. The punch/kick sound effects were reminiscent of the arcade game "Mortal Kombat" and bugged me a little...but the choreography and fight scenes were done very well and sated my ninja bone. Which brings me to one thing that really bugged me...the man who wrote, directed, choreographed, and starred in this movie (Peng Li) doesn't even get top billing or proper credit! I had to search for him and his name on this page! Really? Give the guy a break!

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10


Li Long (Peng Zhang Li) Not his porn name, is a Shaolin Monk that comes to the United States to care for his nephew (Major Curda) which he is inept at doing. He opens a kung-fu school and ends up having to fight a bunch of bad guys because...they want him to? Sarah (Kristen Dougherty) is a social worker who helps Li out.

I am not sure why someone would want to make a low budget fight film hoping to get it aired on Lifetime, but that is what they looked like they did. The acting was horrible. The noises in the fight sequences didn't always match the action, and at times it seemed they were injecting striking noises at random.

There didn't seem to be a climax to the film to get excited about. The plot went nowhere.

Guide: No swearing sex or nudity.

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