Roadhouse 66


Action / Comedy / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 620


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Willem Dafoe as Johnny Harte
Judge Reinhold as Beckman Hallsgood Jr.
Kate Vernon as Melissa Duran
Alan Autry as Hoot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10

Better than I expected .................

Willem Dafoe plays a drifter who quit the music business after his band partner was killed in a car accident. Judge Reinhold is the stereotypical rich kid from back east, driving his 55 T.Bird. These two meet up in the Arizona desert and spend some time in a small town because of car trouble. There they are harassed by a trio of local goons, and are attracted to a couple of cute blonde sisters. The acting is good, the location photography is stunning, the 57 Chevy, 55 Thunderbird, 55 Chevy, 59 Caddy and 66 Mustang are great, there is even a touch of nudity, along with some terrific rockabilly tunes. "Roadhouse 66" is definitely above average entertainment. If you can sit back and just enjoy the ride, this movie will not disappoint. - MERK

Reviewed by GOWBTW 9 / 10

Nostalgic to say the least

This movie has a lot to say in it. The open road, the classic cars, the good times, that sort of good things. Well, until a group of hoods run by Hoot (Alan Autry, Bubba on "In The Heat of The Night") shoot a hole in a 1955 Ford Thunderbird driven by a New York college graduate(Judge Reinhold). Judge Reinhold plays Beckman Hallsgood, Jr., the son of a fast food restaurant magnate traveling on Route 66 going from New York to California to attend a meeting. Along the way, he comes across some hoods in a Chevy Bel Aire accosted him, then they shoot a hole in the radiator of his beloved '55 T-Bird. Along the way, Beckham meet a drifter named Johnny Harte (Willem Dafoe), a musician living in obscurity. He knows cars, and he's good with a guitar. Both men head to Kingman, Arizona where Hoot and his crew hang out. There in Kingman, they meet a local mechanic name Jesse (Kaaren Lee) who is a beautiful blonde who is good with a wrench. After finding a radiator, they would be able to move forward. However, with Hoot and his crew around, Beckman decided to enter the car race. After a night of passion for both parties, tragedy strikes. Sam(Stephen Elliott), the junkyard owner who helped Johnny and Beckman dies in a fire that also claims the repaired T-Bird. So Beckman entered the race, driving the Mustang. The race is on, and Johnny enters as well. One member of Hoot's crew turned on him. Just say that it's all good. The most important things I liked about the movie were the cars, and the trains that rolled on by. And the roadhouse they went to: PRICELESS. Get your kicks on Route 66! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by AlsExGal 4 / 10

This movie never seems to get going and the script just kind of lays there.

Judge Reinhold stars as a rich kid driving his new Thunderbird from school in California down to Florida to commence work in his dad's restaurant business. A car with three roughnecks drives by and shoots a hole in his radiator, and a passing hitchhiker (Willem Dafoe) helps get the car running again. They only make it to the next small town in Arizona, where they have to replace the damaged part. They meet a pair of bored sisters who start up a romance, and the new friends run into the three roughnecks again, who happen to be the town troublemakers. Bar brawls, hot rod races and 50's style rock n roll fill out the running time. Also with Kaaren Lee, Kate Vernon, Stephen Elliott, Alan Autry, Kevyn Major Howard, Peter Van Norden, and the Western Union Man as himself.

Taken as a character study, it still lacks enough interest to make the effort worthwhile. Reinhold is decent doing his usual naive good guy act, while Dafoe unfortunately doesn't add his usual intensity. Filmed in Kingman, Arizona.

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