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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 10 / 10

First film to ever deal with AIDS

A gay man (in a happy monogamous relationship) becomes a buddy with another man dying of AIDS. They slowly become closer and closer...

I was one of the few people to actually see this in a movie theatre back in 1985. It played at a VERY small art house cinema and was the first film ever made to deal with AIDS. It was written and directed by a gay man (Arthur Bressan Jr.) who, sadly, died of AIDS two years later.

It was shattering. At the time I was a closeted gay man with no gay friends and knew nothing about AIDS. This movie really opened my eyes. It didn't scare me from coming out though--it does have the gay, HIV- couple who clearly love each other. The acting was great and it all built up to a powerful climax that left me crying (I wasn't alone--everyone else in the theatre was in tears also).

This is a powerful, depressing film but it should be required viewing for everyone! It's also sad that Bressan is no longer with us. He had the courage to make this film and it is well-written and directed. This has disappeared completely since 1985 and was overshadowed by "Longtime Companion" in 1990. That's too bad--I'd love to see this again.

Powerful and moving. A 10.

Reviewed by crew-top 10 / 10

moving, sad, emotional, excellent

A film I happened to see late at night on Channel 4 (UK) while channel hopping a few years back. My attention was grabbed within minutes. Its the most moving and realistic film to deal with the way AIDS affects lives. This film does not rely on Hollywood sentimentality. No big budget scenes and special effects. In fact the quality was almost that of a home made movie. But then again, the film was meant to put you so much closer to the actors and the story. So what better way that apparently watching someones home movie? It works. See how people are forced to questions their own prejudices, sees how others live and how their values and beliefs may not be the same as yours, but are just as valid. If you get to the end and never have at least the starting of a tear in your eye at any point, then you heart must truly be made of stone. Wish I knew if it was available on DVD or even VHS somewhere.

Reviewed by poopybum 10 / 10

Tomorrow is the first day in the rest of your life

This has to be one of those films that should always be remembered for the way it handles, the then not widely known journeys for people who have Aids. It starts by showing the misconceptions that people had about Aids and how to catch it. There are many moving parts to this film and I deny anyone that has feelings not to get emotional and need to dry their eyes. I hope one day to be able to get hold of a video so that I may be able to see the end without using too many tissues to dry my eyes.

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