Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 10

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 4 / 10

A complete failure

You've already seen this movie before, only it was with immortals or vampires or secret societies or some bull like that, yet my guess is that you've seen a better version of it. Infinite is a pure made for money, soulless and ultimately pointless production. The premise is magical in nature, but the entire film is about fast cars and futuristic weapons. The story itself is filled with logic holes, the action is underwhelming - minus a car chase at the start which was actually good, the acting is either bad or over the top and the human resource is underused.

This is not one of those angry reviews for a movie I hate. I do not hate this movie. It's just really really dumb and I wish it was better. Against all odds I actually like Mark Wahlberg, but he keeps making incredibly idiotic films. Chiwetel Ejiofor actually tried to carry this entire thing on his acting and he couldn't. But look at all the other known names in this film: Dylan O'Brien is present only for the starting car chase scene that I mentioned above. He does a great job, then he dies. Rupert Friend is also in that, with much much less screen time. Toby Jones appears two times. I don't know Wallis Day, but I see that she played in quite a lot of series and she is highly rated; she says like three things in the entire thing. What happens in the rest of the movie, you ask? CGI establishing shots or tech that doesn't get explained or really used, random car chases and shootings and sword fights, almost unrelated to one another and without any sense and bad bored "please shoot me" acting.

Bottom line: avoid this like the plague.

Reviewed by satellite_20051 4 / 10

A disappointing mess..

Infinite had an interesting premise however the way it has been executed is far from satisfactory. The idea of how there are two contrasting lives fluctuating the universe could have been turned into an exciting film but director Antoine Fuqua ruins it all with a tepid execution .He focuses on gloss with substance taking a complete back seat! It becomes so hard to endure this film after a point . Mark Wahlberg is decent but there is a reason why this was dumped on Paramount plus! Disappointing!

Reviewed by JungleManki 1 / 10

Pure toilet

Awful music; terrible editing; noisy garbage film.

Antoine Fuqua has lost his way.

1/10 unwatchable crap.

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