The Pest



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John Leguizamo as Pestario 'Pest' Vargas
Jeffrey Jones as Gustav Shank
Joe Morton as Mr. Kent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonthehut 10 / 10

When the best of the worst is the best

What can I say about this film. Well I'd no intention of watching it when I did, before then I'd never heard of it, but sure enough on a bus trip in Eastern Europe I was going to take in the whole film.

Well there we were, myself, my wife and two other travel buds on a bus from Plovdiv to Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. It was a route I knew well, crappy road windy hills. Not a nice journey to experience whilst still in the depths of a Mastika hangover. Still these things have to be done.

Any how this film just came up on our journey, and with a hangover it really was the funniest film I'd ever seen, although trying to watch it whilst trying not to be sick was something of a challenge. It had not helped that after a short pit stop on the way we got back on the bus last and had ended up on the worst seats, the one's at the back. So I might well just have been on a ferry crossing in rough seas. Going green doesn't't even describe it.

Any back to the film, well this stupid idiotic film came on, and bizarrely enough it was excellent. Totally carried by the sharp intensity of lead actor, yes that guy that also did the voice over for the Ice Age Sloth. I felt like I was watching Jim Carrey before Jim Carriey's time. Only this guy John Leguizamo seemed to have even more energy.

Needless to say I was constantly in stitches followed by the need for deep breaths and focus to overcome the nasty green spells.

After a night on the sauce or during, I'd highly recommend this film.

Certainly a departure from the main.

Reviewed by londonmarcio1 10 / 10

What A Masterpiece!

This is by far the most genius compilation of impressions and comedy all rolled into one fantastic film. unfortunately there will be no sequel to this film however i don't mind watching it again and again considering the intense caliber of this masterpiece. The acting was astonishing and the characters were portrayed extremely well. Although some parts of the movie may have seemed ridiculous, they just added to the comedy, making it more enjoyable. For all you haters out there go read a book, or count your snot collection, until you find a decent sense of humor. until next time, if you don't have anything good to say eat a donut. that way we don't have to listen to you

Reviewed by supramaxx 10 / 10

The Pest is an excellent comedic movie!

I dont know why some people say that this movie is horrible. Its one of my favorite comedies.Leguizamo is an excellent actor he's like an hispanic Chris Tucker, One of my fave actors, The plot is excellent, and the acting is great. Leguizamo is absolutely Hilarious and everything is just so DAMN Funny. To those people who hate, please apreciate true comedic treasure when u see it. Everything is great and I love the racial slurs. To those who say only morons would watch this movie, I consider myself to be intelligent, and this movie is GREAT. If U like Chris Tucker U'll like John Leguizamo and this GREAT movie All comedies should be this damn good. SEE THIS MOVIE IF U WANT TO LAUGH!! Go out and rent it, Buy it NOW. Its one of the best comedies of the 90's. 9.5 out of 10. I know how to rate movies. Trust me, Not them.

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