The Queen's Corgi


Animation / Comedy / Family

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Julie Walters as The Queen
Ray Winstone as Tyson
Sheridan Smith as Wanda
Matt Lucas as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by euromaster1984 2 / 10

Save money

Just went to this movie today, but the first 10 min didn't caught me. The storyline sucked and jokes for the adults are bad. My son wanted to sleep because he got bored. Never had this with a movie in a loooong time.

Reviewed by jessevasse 6 / 10

Perfect for its audience

Today I watched "The Queen's Corgi" together with approximately 20 other people. The majority of the audience were children, as was expected. Furthermore, a fluffy, cute lead was enough to satisfy these kids - as was expected.

The movie attempts to entertain their parents as well. For instance, there is an obvious 1999 film reference. This reference is actually connected with the story. Did the writer/director think that such a reference was enough to achieve satisfaction? I think it takes more than that to entertain the older audience.

Personally I truly consider the story to be flawed. Themes were all over the place. At first, I thought the theme would be obvious (conceited lead realizes that the world does not revolve around him). Nevertheless, this realization was not that visible in the end. It also tries to discuss, among others, the importance of solidarity, true love and class differences. Ambitious, but I do believe it was a bit too much for this movie to handle. The focus on solely one or two of these significant themes would be much better in my honest opinion.

Moreover, I had the feeling that parts of the movie were not connected at all. In the beginning, Wanda clearly tries to connect with Rex for non-romantic reasons and then suddenly she has developed true feelings for him. No explanation whatsoever! What was Wanda thinking? Rex did not change that much during that period, right?

Also, in the very beginning Rex is quite cocky (like Woody in Toy Story), but what does the movie want to tell us in the end? Accept it, since there is a chance that a worse person replaces the cocky one? I truly missed personal growth from Rex - This has been executed so well in movies like Toy Story.

Nevertheless, in the end, does it really matter? The kids in the audience were clapping in the end. They really enjoyed some funny scenes! I watched a lot of (animated) movies in the cinema and rarely experienced an applause. Conclusion: Despite its flaws, it is perfect for its audience!

P.S. Do not watch the movie if you adore Trump. The director clearly does not portray him as a sharp person - lol.

Reviewed by artmargo 3 / 10

Do not bother! This movie is not for children

We were more than excited to watch this movie. The trailer seemed very promising. What a disappointment it was. The beginning was ok but the rest was just dreadful. This is not children's movie. Many inappropriate jokes your child should not hear.

All in all what a waste of potential and money. They spent 20 mln to create this? Not worth it. Do not bother. If you enjoyed the Paddington movie then this is not for you. This movie is definitely not for 6-7-8 years old children.

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