The Gaelic King


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

That was different.

The film starts out in 790 AD (not to be considered historical) with a Pict/Gael conflict with the Gael king being killed and his two sons go into exile. The film picks up 10 years later as our sons are incognito as they visit a village in peril...and by village I mean a half dozen thatched huts. They is some internal drama as they go after those who are stealing the village people, all children. Not to give away too much, but it is the evil sorceress and her minions who wear sunglasses at night, but don't listen to Corey Hart.

The first half of the film was tolerable even though it was clear neither Jake McGarry nor Noah Irvine were going to win any award for acting. The small community was forgivable because of the budget. And then the fighting started and it was clear there was zero fight choreography in spite of the nine listed stunt co-coordinators and their assistants. At times the fighting hit the Ed Wood level of "so bad it was good." I didn't know how to take the eye laser thing. Not as good as the real budget alternative history films.

Guide: No swearing, sex, nudity, or acting.

Reviewed by laurie-232-113131 8 / 10

All things considered, a feel-good watch

Firstly, when compared to other films in the indie/action/low budget genre, this is exceptional. It doesn't fall into the trap of pretending to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but accepts its limitations and works within them. The story is simple, but works well in its context, and is refreshingly satisfactory, though not at all deserving of a '15' rating (Interestingly my DVD copy has been rated a 12 by the IFCO- a much more appropriate audience) Also, it is really nice to see an good original score- makes a great change from the royalty-free tracks so often used! The beautiful Scottish countryside obviously inspired the producers, and seeing some of the shots you wonder why it isn't used more by higher budget movies.

When compared to the larger genre, the film still holds up against criticism, especially in its story and the quality of the editing and score. The visual effects are not fantastic, but don't massively impact the overall watchability of the film. Certainly not a retelling of history, but an interesting interpretation of the few details known about the period.

In many ways, a historical/fantasy action/adventure is an unlikely candidate for a budget production, but this film manages to pull it off.

Reviewed by cheethamwilkinson 7 / 10

Get ready for a low budget, then sit back and enjoy!

Hey, what can I say, I liked it. And so will you if you're not expecting big budgets.

Like horses and swords? Me too. Like wicked sorceresses? Me too. Like evil minions? Win. The truth is that low budget movies like this don't often make it to market, and the cover art is so good that people will be expecting big Hollywood money. But one star is just silly.

I found it very enjoyable, under a blanket with a nice cup of tea kind of film. If you know before you start that it's low budget you'll really enjoy it. Good story, fun baddies, some acting is a little wobbly some is strong. Beautiful scenery and some nice tight editing. All in all a really great job, good old fashioned storytelling.

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