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Danny Trejo as Tong
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Erik Estrada as Juan Degas / Jack of Diamonds
Lisa London as Rocky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

I should probably hate this, but I didn't

"Guns" is a strange movie: its sensibilities seem to be both sexist AND feminist. On the one hand, almost all the women have to undress at one point or another, usually gratuitously; on the other hand, the girls-with-guns sequences are played without condescension, the female agents are treated as equal partners by the men and, more often than not, THEY take charge. The action is not particularly well-done; in fact the whole film plays as if it was directed by a teenage boy trying to make a "real" movie. But how can you hate a film that contains female oil wrestling, an interrogation done with the help of a magic hat, a grenade on a remote-controlled model boat AND the incomparable Danny Trejo as the villain's No.1 henchman? (**1/2)

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Lock, Stock and Two Massive Hooters!

Only five films into my 'Girls, Guns and G-Strings' Andy Sidaris box set and I'm already struggling to find new ways of describing what is essentially the same damn movie every time: the same actors; the same characters; the same location; the same silly ingredients.

Guns replaces Sidaris regular Hope Marie Carlton with the equally gorgeous Roberta Vasquez and introduces a couple of reasonably cool B-movie stars as villains (Erik 'Ponch from CHiPs' Estrada and Danny 'Machete' Trejo)—everything else is exactly as one would expect: dumb plot; big breasted women in very skimpy outfits; hunks with bad hair; ridiculously large hand weapons; deadly remote control toys; and assorted men in drag (in this case, a pair of trannie assassins).

With a fraction more action than usual (there are some nice 'n' bloody squib shots), Roberta Vasquez getting topless on a motorbike, and suitably nasty deaths for both Estrada and Trejo, this one is possibly my favourite of the series so far. Then again, it might not be. It's hard to tell.

5.5 out of 10, generously rounded up to 6 for IMDb.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Typically enjoyable lowbrow Andy Sidaris action romp

Ruthless arch criminal Juan Degas (nicely played with laid-back assurance by Erik Estrada) uses the Hawaiian Islands as his base of operations for smuggling guns from China to Latin America. Several federal agents band together to take Degas down. Once again writer/director Andy Sidaris works his usual entertainingly kitschy magic with his customary winning blend of lovely ladies who bare their tasty wares with pleasing regularity, an amusingly goofy sense of self-mocking humor, big splashy explosions, several ineptly staged action set pieces, a good amount of bloody violence, a constant snappy pace, and gorgeous globe-trotting locations which give this picture an impressively expansive feeling of scope. Of course, the standard bevy of hot babes helps a lot: busty blonde Dona Speir as the feisty Donna Hamilton, yummy brunette Roberta Vasquez as the sultry Nicole Justin, scorching Cynthia Brimhall as foxy singer Edy Stark, ravishing Devin De Vasquez as Juan's sexy, yet lethal moll Cash, and adorable Kym Malin as sassy wrestler Kym. Moreover, Phyllis Davis delivers a lively performance as Donna's hard-nosed district attorney mother Kathryn Hamilton, Danny Trejo does well as Juan's smooth henchman Tong, and Chuck McCann contributes a funny turn as impish magician Abe. As an added plus, the divine Ms. Brimhall belts out a couple of cool songs (the titular tune in particular is a real boot) and two bumbling transvestite hit men supply gut-busting comic relief. Hward Wexler's slick cinematography gives this movie an attractive bright look. Richard Lyons' bouncy synthesizer score hits the stirring spot. An enormously fun flick.

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