Hope Springs Eternal


Comedy / Drama

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Mia Rose Frampton as Hope Gracin
Pej Vahdat as Mr. Garner
Kate Rachesky as Millie
Juliette Angelo as Sarah Handleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 4 / 10

If you tell me this was actually on the big screen ,,i just won't believe it at all.

The story is good ... good for a Liftime or MTV movie ,, i mean i get it cancer and all ,, but the whole scenario was a bit lame.

The plot is so average,, the writing was a problem ,, and the directing looked so weak ,, the scenes just kept on coming and it actually felt like a TV movie where 14 years old girls would like to watch with there moms.

The cast just added to the awfulness ... don't know about, Mia Rose Frampton, i feel like i saw her somewhere before in a movie ,, and i hated her back then, and it all scratched back into life today.

finale thought,, you could watch it if you have "literally" nothing to watch..

Reviewed by katrialorainne 1 / 10

Not a great movie at all

A fault in our stars wanna be! Acting, writing, character development is as bad as a rotten tomato. I just cannot even understand why they make this kind of movies, it just annoys me.

Reviewed by liam-ibberson-952-656744 1 / 10

The plot is disgusting

Terrible acting. Terrible plot. Don't waste your time. Can't believe Netflix would even want this.

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