General Commander



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Steven Seagal as Jake Alexander
Ron Smoorenburg as Hayes' Henchman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 6 / 10

Your typical Steven Segal C-grade film - with...

Your typical Steven Segal C-grade film - with an actual story, albeit convoluted, and done way better, many times before.

The directing by novice directors Ross W. Clarkson and Philippe Martinez was also terrible with the 1980's blurring, out-of-focus and fading shots, and they failed to direct their cast effectively. Even Segal's few choreographed fight scenes made him look like an amateur martial artist from the terrible directing and editing.

The story and screenplay also by Philippe Martinez was very amateurish and all over the place (literally), with some out of place scenes and shots that make you shake your head, as would some dialogue that may as well have been written by a 5th grader.

The poorest acting was from the CIA director Megan Brown, who seemed like this was her first ever acting role, and the annoying repetitive dialogue the writers gave her certainly didn't help. Byron Gibson was great, as were the rest of the main cast, who held their own without direction, especially novice actor Soraya Torrens in her first major film - who was also easy on the eyes. Segal was his typical boring-personality self, and he should really stick to what he's good at - more martial-arts fighting action, and less acting and dialogue. He also needs to get rid of that dark fake-looking nasty goatee and Dracula forehead hairline. Your eyes just can't keep un-see them, they stand out so much for some reason.

Finally, the score was annoying and very obvious at the wrong times. Nevertheless, an enjoyable lazy Sunday popcorn flick that's been done many times before, with flaws I expected. It's a 6/10 from me.

Reviewed by SadnessNeverGoes 1 / 10

another garbage from steven seagal

This is another worst film in resume of steven seagal added,he should retire from making movies and music his days are gone,he is embarassing himself,look at the title of this film,general commander are you kidding me this is some joke right.steven seagal has become a joke..since 2002 .sad to see this guy in this position he once used to be a great action hero and biggest box office stars in the 90s,there is nothing to see here no action and bad dialog and cia crap,the way seagal is aggressively supporting and promoting cia these days he should remember his début film above the law 1988 it was highly anti cia,anyway this one is simply garbage,waste of time and money .steven segal films should be taken off the shelves from all dvd and blu ray stores and internet its vomiting to see his films now.disgusting,and the guy who gave this movie 6 stars and a review below has clearly lost his brain,my rating for this is 1/10..skip time and money.avoid steven seagal its 2019 when is this guy going to learn.

Reviewed by larrys3 5 / 10

What We've Come to Expect From Seagal

Not extremely different than many of the Steven Seagal movies we've seen in recent years, as it's filled with loads of cliched and wooden dialogue, violence-some of which is brutal at times, and some plot elements that just make little sense.

Here, Seagal portrays CIA Agent Jake Alexander whose team goes rogue after one of their agents is killed in a raid and the CIA powers-that-be want them to stand down instead of exacting revenge. Jake's team will be after the Camorra Mafia Don Gino Orsetti, whose mob is dealing in the lucrative black market of human organ theft.

Overall, the movie is what we've come to expect from Seagal in recent years

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