Dirty Mary Crazy Larry


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Roddy McDowall as George Stanton
Peter Fonda as Larry
Susan George as Mary
Vic Morrow as Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10

"K-i-s-s o-f-f!"

Ostensibly a mindless, flashy car-chase-&-crash B-flick has all the usual drive-in elements, but there's more going on here than at first appears. Two NASCAR enthusiasts, needing to buy a new entry vehicle, concoct an elaborate plan to rob a grocery store; Larry is the talent behind the wheel, Deke is the contemplative brains of the outfit. Soon they're saddled with good-time girl Mary, stubborn and sassy, who proves her mettle on a wild ride getting out of town. From Richard Unekis' book "The Chase", with a plot that is exactly that, yet the script by Leigh Chapman and Antonio Santean is surprisingly funny and literate and John Hough's direction is exceptionally tight with very little nonsense. Peter Fonda is appropriately manic, loose and shaggy, and Susan George has fun playing low-class (she has a tough time camouflaging her British accent, but it passes); every time Mary uses her brains, it provides more shading and substance in the character. Adam Roarke is a revelation as accomplice Deke, a sensitive, complicated man with heart and soul; he's not above larceny--he even masterminds it--but he's a thinker, and a realist. This film should have broken Roarke as a star in Hollywood, he is incredibly good. Vic Morrow has the standard role of the lawman on the trio's trail (he plays cat-and-mouse with them, and vice-versa, which is routine) and it's nice to see Roddy McDowall in a non-hysterical role as the supermarket manager. The chases are terrifically charged with adrenaline and excitement, and while the character animosities are trivial, the movie is stylish and wire-drawn. Apparently a big hit with Quentin Tarantino, who used a film-clip in his "Jackie Brown" (and adopted this picture's violent, jokey tone as well). Good show: *** from ****

Reviewed by happipuppi13 10 / 10

Larry & Mary : Not A Bit Contrary.

I'll kick this one off by saying I literally jumped for joy when I saw that "Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry" had "finally" been released on DVD! I haven't bought it yet but, I haven't seen this film in over 20 years but I remember it pretty well. When the movie aired on ABC in the late 70s,I just somehow ended up tuning in (as I've stated elsewhere,my parents made no big deal out of what I watched.)

Peter Fonda plays what is in my opinion an "Easy Rider" type character except his character is a loser. (Not meaning to quote a song here) Then along comes Mary who's young and not too bright herself. Then again,people who commit these kind of crimes aren't noted for being Rhoades Scholars! So,the acting and actions of these two are played exactly how they should be. Not really thinking intelligently.

Vic Morrow did a great job and yes,him waiting for a helicopter to arrive is quite "chilling",now that I recall that scene. One thing I knew when I saw this,is that Mary and Larry were the "bad guys". Lots of movies like this one then would have made these two "anti-heroes".

I know some folks here find the ending down-beat but i for one think it's the right ending. Any other,to me,sends the wrong message. Without giving it away,when I saw what transpired,like most people,I couldn't believe it! I want to say more on that subject but I'd spoil the ending for others.

This movie is a non-stop ride and a very exciting one at that. If I can still be this excited about it after all these years since seeing it,it''ll certainly be worth the $20.00 + when I buy it. You should too! (END)

Reviewed by austguy 10 / 10

Made when men were men and cars were cars!

Great classic action movie, loved it when I saw it at the movies in '74, My son loves it on video today. Funny thing; every police car that got crashed, they showed that no one was hurt in the movie. They did not have any of the nasty, hateful, blood and guts that they put into the movies today. Lets hope they never try and make a re make with computer graphics, drugs, and hair wax or gel, in a Nissan Skyline with a blow off valve, or something cheap and plastic like that. (Like the re make of "Gone in 60 seconds" or "The Dukes of Hazzard" where they have the good old Duke boys taking drugs!) Susan George was a gorgeous hunk, she was so easy on the eyes, The Dodge Charger was an absolute classic, the chases and the driving shots were terrific to watch. It did not matter that the story was not that great, it was written as a car chase stunt movie and it still is one of the greatest of all time "Bloke Movies". Sometimes when I watch it on video I change the ending:- I stop the movie when Larry says "Nothing can stop us now". I prefer my alternative ending! They get away.

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