Dr. Jack


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1210

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ron Oliver 10 / 10

Much Medical Merriment With Mr. Lloyd

Young DR. JACK tries to save a pretty invalid from the machinations of an unscrupulous medical quack.

Silent comedian Harold Lloyd had another success in this wildly funny movie. Healthy servings of sentimental nostalgia mixed into the plot only add to the fun. Playing a doctor whose good humor & common sense make him the most popular fellow in rural Magnolia Meadows, Harold makes full use of his tremendous athletic abilities to propel the storyline, piling one gag on top of another. Whether exiting his moving jalopy to shoo cows from his path, saving a naughty tyke from a spanking or breaking up a poker game in a most unique fashion, Harold is never less than hilarious. Finally, he leads one of his wild trademark chases, this time through a spooky house, a sequence that includes both a wonderful Lon Chaney spoof and one of the funniest enraged dogs to ever appear on film.

Mildred Davis has an unusually good role, showing off her acting skills as the spunky invalid. Eric Mayne is appropriately hissable as the bearded villain. Movie mavens will recognize OUR GANG's mischievous Mickey Daniels as Harold's freckle-faced patient and darling old Anna Townsend as the lonely mother of Harold's lawyer friend - both uncredited.

Robert Israel has composed an excellent film score which perfectly complements Harold's antics on the screen.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

a nice comedy that only lasts about an hour

As you may or may not know, many of Keaton's and Lloyd's films were only about an hour long (more of less), as this was true of most movies made in the era before the Talkies.

The story is typical of many Lloyd films in that Harold falls for a sweet girl that he hardly knows and by the time the movie is over, he has won her heart! This is a Lloyd cliché and if you forgive this, you'll enjoy the film tremendously. However, one frequently occurring Lloyd touch is not present--his character (Dr. Jack) isn't portrayed as a wuss but as a generally liked and caring country doctor.

Ms. Talmadge is the daughter of a rich man who had been convinced she is very sickly and in need of constant attention from the quack, Dr. Saulsbourg. The family lawyer is a friend of the family and he sees right through this man, so he is pleased when he later meets Dr. Jack and his common-sense approach to medicine. He convinces Jack to drop by and take a look at the girl. Saulsbourg isn't happy about this and does what he can to get rid of Dr. Jack. He almost succeeds until an escaped maniac comes their way. How Dr. Jack actually uses this to his advantage is something you'll just have to see for yourself in this cute flick. After all, it runs at about 60 minutes, so you haven't much to lose!

Reviewed by RainDogJr 10 / 10

Dr. Harold

This is one of my favourites Harold Lloyd films and it contains a really memorable ending. The lovely Mildred Davis is once again the girl (the Sick-Little-Well-Girl) but this time this girl is basically not having a life, the only things she knows is the medicines and the more medicines that the Dr. Ludwig von Saulsbourg (Eric Mayne) gives to her. If you watch this doctor you watch a man who knows that he can do anything since he seems to be really professional for the father of the girl (John T. Prince) who really trusts in him. Basically the Dr. Ludwig von Saulsbourg understands the situation, and he is acting like a professional always thinking in a new possible solution. That the girl has being his patient since long time ago and that he still can't help her is not an impediment for him since, and like I just write, the father of the girl still believes that his daughter will be cure by him. In the other hand we have the character that Harold Lloyd plays and he is a really great character and is absolutely hilarious to watch him doing his job, basically he will help anyone who asks him. I loved one of the first scenes in which we watch Dr. Jackson doing his job: he comes to check a kid who's mother is really worry due to his health however as soon as Dr. Jack arrives the theater of the kid is over. So the doctor made his duty and of course was fair and will be fair if the mother gives a lesson to her kid. Dr. Jack is a unique doctor and is hilarious to watch him saving the kid from some painful smacks on the bottom, at first the kid did not understood but as soon as he realized that Dr. Jack was helping him he began his very good acting to complete the trick to his mother. So by the end of this duty Dr. Jack ended just fine with both the kid and his mother and it was really funny. So we have the good and the bad with Dr. Jack and Dr. Ludwig von Saulsbourg and it will be matter of time to watch both together but not before we watch more of the great methods that Dr. Jack uses to cure his patients. Is marvelous to watch Dr. Jack curing his patients by returning the concept of family to them or just helping sane persons with a problem, for example a girl who needs the money that her father is beating with his pals (a very funny act by Lloyd). Certainly everybody who knows this doctor has a good opinion about him and the son of one of his patients will be the one who will take Dr. Jack with the patient of Dr. Ludwig von Saulsbourg. Before that Dr. Jack and the girl had an encounter and now for Dr. Jack was kind of easy to detect the problem of the girl but things won't be that easy when the father of the girl thinks that Dr. Jack's only interest is to be with his daughter that is true but what the father doesn't know us that love is something that can give a little of life to his daughter. I mentioned very soon that this film contains a really memorable ending just because I really loved it. The girl just needs to feel that she is alive and Dr. Jack will make amazing things to help her and thanks to the announcement that a burglar may be there Dr. Jack will have a chance to do that, he will be the burglar! This is a great sequence showing the ability of Dr. Jack, he really did something great for the girl and of course in the end his worked but at one point the girl understood everything and thanks to that she was convinced that Dr. Jack was just helping her and even she helped him in his plan by dressing also as the burglar that Dr. Jack created. At the end is the smile on the face of the girl what convinces her father that now things will be better. Then I loved this film and I think is all I have to write about it.

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