All Summers End



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Kaitlyn Dever as Grace Turner
Tye Sheridan as Conrad Stevens
Austin Abrams as Hunter Gorski
Paula Malcomson as Mrs. Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haydennmarie843 9 / 10

Captures The True Heart And Soul Of Being A Teenager

All Summers End is an emotional rollercoaster about a boy named Conrad. He made some poor decisions that led to tragic events, such as the death of his girlfriend's brother. The movie is narrated by a much older Conrad looking back on the one summer that changed everything.

Reviewed by zkonedog 3 / 10

Lack Of Point Or Purpose Dooms This Messy Flick

I'm always on the lookout for solid, emotional character dramas. When I saw that "All Summers End" starred Kaitlyn Dever of "Short Term 12" fame, I bought in hoping for perhaps a similar result. What I found instead, however, was a film that at best is a collection of teen drama cliches, and doesn't even achieve that middling "success" because the format used is so odd and pointless.

For a basic plot summary, "All Summers End" focuses on the teenaged relationship between Conrad (Tye Sheridan) & Grace (Dever). One night, while messing around with his buddies (played by Austin Abrams & Ryan Lee), Conrad participates in a hit-and-run type accident that leaves Grace's brother Eric (Beau Mirchoff) dead. While struggling with his conscience on whether to disclose this information, the situation is muddied even further by the fact that he and Grace have formed a romantic relationship.

There are a lot of films of this ilk (teen romance) out there, so "All Summers End" needed to do something to differentiate itself. Sadly, this does not happen in the slightest. Despite some great acting talent, the performances never seem convincing (likely because of a script that feels so predictable) or emotional. In the case of Devers, for example, I know this CAN happen (I absolutely revere "Short Term 12" and her performance is equally as strong in it), but it just doesn't happen here. The overall plot is also pretty bland and non-distinguishable: teens with friends, teens in love, mix in some tragedy, teens vs. parents, etc.

The worst part, however, is that not only does "All Summers End" not just coast by as a sappy teen drama, but the format in which the story is told (and thus how we are supposed to relate to the characters) is one of the oddest I've ever seen. I won't spoil everything here, but I will say that the opening prologue and closing coda, if you will, which follow one of the teen characters into adulthood, are about as asinine as storytelling comes. For the life of me, I just cannot understand why the filmmakers would think that these scenes are a good idea or add anything to the emotional cache of the picture.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed in "All Summers End". To be honest, I didn't have huge expectations for the film going in, but it failed to even clear that low bar. Despite being filled with talented actors, this one never gets off the ground and makes an emotional connection. Without any action or mystery, then, that is a death knell for this type of experience.

Reviewed by horizonbts-206-628336 8 / 10


All of us have suffered consequences in life for our actions, some good and some not so good!! This is a story of growing up and making a mistake then having to live with the repercussions! My Dad always used to say you reap what you sow, well this is a prime example of that. I won't give the story away as I will let it develop for you if you choose to watch it. Lately I have been watching movies with Tye Sheridan in, as I think he is a great young talent and upcoming actor. This movie at times was really tough to watch not because of bad acting or a totally bad storyline, but just because life can be tough on us all. At times the story made me cringe and even though I hadn't done anything of this magnitude, I still made some life choices that I wish I could go back and change, as we all have. I thought that Tye Sheridan and Kaitlyn Dever carried this movie. I would have rated it even higher, but thought something was lost by not exploring more of the parent's lives and how they handled tragedy in their own lives. Again seems like most of the movie was carried on the young actor's and actress's shoulders. Still overall I felt a decent movie and one that is worth watching!

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